Unraveling the Process of Construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza

The seven wonders of the world are no doubt spectacular and wonderful. One of the oldest seven wonders of the ancient world is the three pyramids in Giza bordering Egypt, popularly known as The Great Pyramid of Giza. These pyramids are popularly known as Pyramid of Khufu and Pyramid of Cheops. This is the only oldest pyramid to be known to remain largely intact since 3,800 years. It is much more than a mere tomb. It is rather the only pyramid in Egypt to contain both ascending and descending passages.

The Design and Building Technology of Giza

The pyramids of Giza, cannot be just taken to be a mere tomb of dead royalties, it is far more than that.  It was the most ancient tomb of Egypt that was designed and built using technologies, we have no access today. There was a confusion regarding the exact shape of the great pyramid .The exact shape of the pyramid is an astonishing fact. Inside a closed air-tight room there were intriguing eddies created in the smoke. So where from these smokes actually came in? That was the major question.

These pyramids were built to be power generators for the ancient Egypt. Life-long study by eminent researchers and explorers have helped us reach the conclusion that not only it was created and designed by ancient technology but the possible means as to how it was built is very interesting to know. Some researchers have come to some startling conclusions that they could not have possibly been built in the dark reaches of ancient times with only the most primitive tools. In fact even today with our cutting edge technology and tools we cannot duplicate them or put them to use again.

It would be more startling to know that the math embedded in the design surpasses anything known today. From the distant past and to modern times the hallowed Geometry of the Pyramid was also used in building other sacred architectures. It is believed that the lost technology was used making the stones lighter and or using sound to get them higher up into place.

Coral Castle Similar To Giza

The stone structure created thousand years ago by Edward Leedskanlin, comprised of numerous megalithic stones weighing several stones. The question has been put up by many communities that how was such an amazing structure created by a small man who had no help neither any obvious machinery to built such a masterpiece. According to sources, Coral Castle can be easily compared to Giza, as it had similar stone pieces bigger and heavier. Coral Castle today is a museum showing amazing accomplishment and features such as a perfectly built nine- ton gate which can be easily opened by using one hand. However, till date we cannot unravel the mystery of such great constructions since his secrets of how he did it died with him.

Was It a Weapon of Mass Destruction or an Ancient Alien Technology?
The most ancient chest described in the Book of Exodus is the Ark of the Covenant or Testimony containing the Ten Commandments inscribed on the Tablets of Stone. The object of spiritual curiosity, intense study was many a times taken to be the “voice of god ” in some texts. It was claimed by others to be a weapon of unimaginable power and destruction. But again the question arises who created such powerful weapon in such old time?

It would be interesting to know that it was built by specially chosen and trained people and they were the only ones allowed to even be near it. Experts say it gave out intense rays of light which could not be looked straight at it with naked eyes. Special dresses were made to be worn by the priests to protect them from the feared light rays or emanations.

Melchizedek: A Human Being or an ET

The most mysterious personage in the Bible is Melchizedek. He was a particular biblical being to neither have mother nor father. According to sources, Melchizedek came down to the earth to oversee the operation and maintenance of the Ark. Question arises, was he an ET then? Basically it was believed that the Ark was the anchor for rebuilding temples.

Vehicles of the “gods”

Vimanas, the Vedic texts found in East Indian Ramayana provide the most prolific explanations to such astonishing facts. They provide challenging details and described one as a double-decker, disk-shaped craft complete with portals and domes. The speed was compared to the wind and these gave off a sound as of humming melody. There are other texts which tell us how to build space ships. They were like the flight manuals on the various types of crafts and their designs, instruction and even more.

Symbols of the Pyramids, Ancient Astronauts and Hard Evidence

Stunning pictographs and inscriptions were found inside the beams or ceilings of the 3000 year old ancient remains and pyramids. These structures have been left behind by ancient people for future human beings to find the relics. Thus they were deliberately built out of the hardest material that would withstand the ravages of time, nature and destructions. What was left behind by the ancient astronauts, were the blatant clues with megalithic monuments which can never be duplicated with any amount of funding. As that technology does not exist anymore they have also gone with the dead.

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