Some bloggers opt to maintain blogs by copy-pasting information that was already on the internet, having beautiful theme, creating another Gmail account and commenting on their own posts as if they were another person and so many more. But there is only one thing that helps bloggers with increasing traffic on their blogs, and it is by sharing. Why? Simply because we all have connections. Why we have connections? Simply because we are human and we all know no man is an island. Funny does it seem, right? But it is true! 

Social media sites are the best sources of connections. People use these sites, such as Facebook , Instagram , Gmail, etc.  , to connect to their friends, family, colleagues, and other acquaintances and even people they don’t know can connect them to.  Same thing applies in increasing traffic on your blog. You can share it with words to your friends, and your friend can share it to other friends and so on, or posting and sharing it on different social media sites.  By doing that many people can read, comment, and even subscribe to your blog!  However, the most important thing that a blogger should have in while maintaining the traffic flow of their blogs is patience.  It might take a lot of sharing to increase your traffic flows but at least you had the quality ones.  Everyone can increase their traffic flow in many ways but then, a quality lead of traffic flow is the best thing a blogger should have, especially when you’re blogging to sell products and/or promoting a business.  It takes a lot of sharing to grow your blog’s traffic flow but at least, you can assure that you can qualify a quality lead of traffic in your blogs.  

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