Scala is a general purpose scripting language mostly used for general software applications. It is statically typed and designed for expressing your ideas in a concise and mannered pattern. Scala is fully functional programming language means it clears the poor design in java like exceptions and built-in errors in code and it also add other extensive design in more concise and more expressive way.  scala is mostly used for by developers  for the development of chatting software. Various websites are using scala for their chatting software as chatting is the best way to convince someone to agree with you. There are some web portals where professional experts for scala language reside; they can work on any application that can be developed in scala frame work. is the one where professional developers reside. SBT is another build tool for scala applications.  For the starters AKKA sample chat software is recommended which is simple chat software. Scala has some similarities in java byte-code or .NET as they are supported by the EPFL. Scala has some of the features of the C-sharp like operation overloading, operational parameters, and no checked exceptions. Lift is a framework in which the scala scripting is coded in a centric, design friendly, scalable and well designed pattern.

Scala is not in highly in use because it is not much famous in the developer’s society. Most of the experts are not aware about the functionality and the characteristics of this language this is right somehow as it is hard to adjust in the developers community. But as the time passes the business model trends changes in the software world so in the online business models scala has its own unique role. So in this regard you can take scala programming as one of the mostly used scripting language for web applications. So by the passage of time developers for scala language will increase e.g. like that is providing scala experts other web portals will also go for it.                                     

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