Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) had been practiced in China for over 5000 years.  But until today, we still have no scientific basis to confirm these medicines are safe and sound. Clinical trials are expensive. Except pharmaceutical giants, who else would want to carry out the research?  Moreover, why would the pharmaceutical  giants want to allow TCM to compete with them?  However, are all the drugs which have been clinically tested  safe and effective? Have you ever heard of an illness which the Western medicine has failed but was cured with TCM? There were some cases but they were never publicized. In fact I have heard from some herb users that they need to keep those effective herbs secret because once they are known, they would become very expensive.

Many of those herbs used in TCM can be grown in your backyard. And we cannot claim a patent  for any one of these herbs. This is the reason why very little research has been carried out on those herbs.

So far, I have heard of one drug used for treating coronary heart disease, had been passed by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Phase II clinical trials in 2010.

When I said 300 grams of pig’s lung, fried with 300 grams of ginger, until the ginger turns brown, could cure 100 day cough, a medical doctor disagreed with me. An honest medical doctor would not simply brush aside a claim like this. I would expect a trained medical doctor to ask whether I have any proof or whether someone had been cured of a cough by this method in the past.

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