Voxvalley releases “Vox Switch”

Voxvalley Technologies earlier last month released its new innovative product – Vox Switch, a carrier grade VoIP soft switch which supports all business models and covers all the necessary functions such as Switching, Routing, Billing, Administration, Provisioning, and Reporting.

Vox Switch was specifically designed and made for the business driven users such as VoIP providers, Resellers, Sub-resellers, Wholesale Gateway Subscriber and many more hence making the product a comprehensive one.

Features of Vox Switch

The list of features that are present in the Vox Switch are a lot compared to other switches in the market, and with the developers in Voxvalley constantly probing and adding features on a regular bases its almost hard to point all of them out, but we will try mentioning as many as possible.

The Vox Switch supports Symbian, Windows, Android, Blackberry and iPhone users. It allows authorization of calls via the IP Address or Username and Password. It has capability to work together with numerous Gateways, IP Phones and VoIP Gadgets. It also supports all business models – Wholesale and Carrier Grade Business Model being few of them.

Vox Switch Generates Automated Reports, Stats etc – Payment, Invoice, Profit etc. and Displays dashboard option, which updates the system once in every 5 seconds.

The developers at Voxvalley went in detail to make sure that no stone was left unturned, in fact the number features and in depth details that they added into Vox Switch redefine the entire meaning of “being precise”. The features that have be added into Vox Switch cater till ground level users, with multiple option in every step throughout Vox Switch.

With Features such as Automatic Pin Generation where in the Reseller does not have to manually load teach pin and send them to his/her subscribers, the pins are already placed in an email ready to be sent to each of the subscribers individually. It has Numerous Tariff Plan Management options with features such as – Rates Export and Import Option / Advanced Rates Management / Auto Imports Option / Rate Compare Option.

Added Features
Numerous features have also been added to Vox Switch to give it that extra edge over others- features such as Balance/Payment Management, Tariff Plan Management, Live Call Monitoring, CDR Reporting and many more, making life easy at the expense of best quality.

For further information on Vox Switch please visit Voxvalley.com

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