7 Tips for Looking Sexy in Lingerie

Even if you’;;re not a fashion model, you can look fabulous in a red corset or dominate in the bedroom in a sexy, yet classy matching bra and panty set. Feeling and looking sultry is all about your attitude. Well, maybe I lied a bit. A part of exuding sexiness includes following a few simple tips.

1.Be Confident

It doesn’;;t matter whether you’;;re in an A-cup, you’;;re 5′;;0” or you’;;re not a size 5. You might be self-conscious, but never reveal that to him. Instead, hold your head high, straddle him with confidence and give him a seductive smile. There’;;s nothing sexier than a woman who is secure with her body.

2. Choose Your Colors Wisely

You’;;ve probably been told not to judge based on color, but when it comes to fashion that rule doesn’;;t apply. You can never go wrong with red or black or even a combination of the two. Black is a darker color that is slimming and always smokin’;; hot. Red is a faithful standby as well. Vivid strawberry hues are flattering on almost any figure.

3. Work It Out

Of course working out on a regular basis will help develop well-defined muscles and a taunt body, but working out right before sex will give you the appearance of toned muscles without costing you a gym membership. Yep, that’;;s right. I said it. You can look more in-shape by doing situps right before – or at least a few hours before – doing the deed.  If you want your legs to look more toned, try going for a run before going all the way. You’;;ll more than likely want to get a shower before letting him take it all off. There’;;s nothing sexy about sweaty hair, unless of course it comes from having sex.

4. Be Bold and Daring

While certain looks are probably reliable for you, not every bedroom escapade has to be in the see-through black babydoll you wore on your first romantic getaway. He may have loved it then, but the same lingerie or even the same style of undergarments can get a little boring. Don’;;t hesitate to spice it up and be risky!

5. Want Stunning Legs?

If you want him to grab you by the thigh and work his way up, you have to have legs that look appeasing. Achieve slimmer and longer looking legs by wearing high heels. A pair of stockings will help as well. Stockings make your legs look slimmer and smoother. Almost any intimate apparel goes well with this look.

6. Bronzer

Use a bronzer on your skin. Your skin will look smooth, silky and almost flawless. Sun-kissed skin is hot, but you don’;;t want to damage your skin in the sun or look orange by using fake tanners. That’;;s what makes bronzer the ideal solution.

7.Moisturize and Exfoliate

Moisturizing and exfoliating your skin will give your skin that natural glow as well. Taking care of your skin not only gives your skin a smooth appearance, it aids in your skin being silky to the touch.

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