Top Five Reasons to Move to Australia Now

Top Five Reasons to Move to Australia Now.

At a glimpse, one thinks of sunshine, idyllic beaches, kangaroos, meat on a barbie, and wildlife when one thinks of Australia. For skilled professionals or expat families looking at applying for visas to live and work in Australia, you might be interested to hear that Australia ranks number one on the OECD’s list for best places to live. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has ranked Australia number one on their table of happiness for three years in a row. Their index is based on 11 categories including income, jobs, housing, and health. That’s all good and well, but here are the top five reasons for why it’s a good idea to stop putting it off and move there.

1. Will I be able to grow professionally and will my kids have a future?

Skilled workers will enter a country where 73 % of the population between 15 -64 has a job. Combine this with a land rich in natural resources and one will see a greater variety of employment/business opportunities or investment opportunities which tends to create more and more jobs. Take a stable economy and mix it with a country of multicultural awareness very welcoming of expats and yes you should have an excellent chance of advancing your career in Australia.

2. Will this move give my family and I a better lifestyle?

 Australia is known for its low population density and unspoiled nature. But you must make the best of it. Here you will find everything you need for a great lifestyle. You must be open to trying new things and meeting new people.  You can enjoy the outdoors or the luxuries of a cosmopolitan city life. The living standards are high here. You will be spoiled by a sunny warmer climate surrounded by stunning beaches. You will never be far from that relaxed outdoor lifestyle that you crave when not at work. Children will have plenty to do as you are never far from places to swim, have a barbecue, picnic, hiking, and plain old enjoying the sun watching surfers on the beach.   Major Cities offer affordable housing options, universal health care and excellent public transport. And people are friendly here. That makes a big difference.

3. Is Australia a safe place for me to raise my family? Is it safe?

Australia boasts low crime rates. With any country you move to, pay attention to your surroundings and don’t take low crime statistics for granted. Lock your doors and don’t leave valuables in your car. Australia luckily doesn’t rank very high on crime stats compared with other countries. They rank 74th for prisoners/ capita and rank 8th in car theft. In 1996, there was a large gun buyback and later came a substantial increase in police forces. Australia does rank 4th in the belief of police efficiency. The United States interestingly, ranks number one in this belief.  The infrastructure of Australia is set up efficiently which adds to safety. Public transportation is safe to use and well maintained.

4. What about my education or my kids’ education?

Australian universities and schools rank high in international comparisons. Recently money has been put into the education system. Both public and private schools are among the best in the world. Families will notice a wide range of options for primary and secondary schooling.  Plan ahead for getting your kids enrolled into the best school and making sure you have all of the requirements. The recent boost in funding demands that each school hold a plan for improvements across the board. For expat families looking into which state they move to, the funding and school budgets should be taken into consideration.  Schooling is compulsory from ages five to fifteen and is the responsibility of state governments. Although the states each have their own education system, they all follow the same model and receive extra funding from federal government.

There is also a variety of private schools, either independent or with religious affiliation. Most of them are listed in the Private School Directory.  There are several international schools among them, most of which use English as their language of instruction. In cities like Sydney and Melbourne, you can also find some bilingual schools, e.g. for French, German, or Japanese. Most expat families should have no problems finding a school offering a quality well funded education

5. Why else should we pack up our lives and move to Australia? It’s the big and the little things.

 Tax rates are low. The mining and agriculture sectors are booming. Financial, banking, and manufacturing industries are growing. Oil and Petroleum jobs now pay more than in the United States. The time zones are close to Southeast Asia making trade convenient with countries like India or China. Democracy is valued here. Equal opportunities are valued here. Then of course, Australia has a varied landscape and rare and exotic animals, including koalas, kangaroos and marsupials. Sports are amazing here. Cities want you to enjoy the outdoors and put small barbecues in all the parks.  The oceans are warm and the beaches are clean. The Barrier Reef!  Healthcare is affordable and first rate.  Why haven’t you moved here already? To see if you qualify for Skilled Migration to Australia see .

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