How Science Can Help Protect Women

Can science and technology help to protect women? Yes, this can be done at various levels:

  1. Personal gadgets which can help women in difficulty can be made. These gadgets can be fitted in personal items such as cell phone, wrist watches, hair bands, etc. A simple push of a button can alert relatives and police about position of victim. This gadget can also produce electromagnetic waves which can harm attackers and helping women to escape.
  2. Umbrellas can be made which shoot small pin toward attacker. This pin can damage attacker by a kick.
  3. Small portable device containing small sharp knife, pepper spray, itching powder etc. can be made. In this device, a single push of button can unlock all protective measures at once.
  4. Textile science can develop fabrics that are difficult to tear and strong enough to minimize damage from knife attacks. Clothes with GPS have already developed.
  5. Ladies dresses and saris can be made from acid resistant and fire resistant textile.
  6. IT professionals can develop software that can track the transfer of obscene MMS and help to reach at the source.

All the above devices should be made cheap and easily available. All the women should be aware of these products. However “presence of mind” is the best weapon for women with proper use of mind, anything, be it a stone or book or pin can be used as weapon.

So when you see a eve teasing, molestation, rape and acid attack, don’t think it is not my problem. Because if you don’t act, it will be your problem soon.

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