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According to John Stuart Mill rules of Utilitarianism, it is essential to consider the natural ethic of a democracy that operates by a simple majority without protection of individual rights. The choice to be made in relation to the three patients should be done carefully upholding the interest of the majority. The decision is painful, but it has to be made. According to john, the three patients deserve happiness, but it’;;s impossible since the heart available is only one and two of them will not enjoy the happiness they are required to have. According to this rule, happiness is seen as where there is no pain.

In his writing, Plato contends that human well being is the highest aim of moral thought and conduct. In his work, he holds the virtue based ethics, which cares for the human well being at large. All philosophers tend to hold virtues, which are more concerned with the happiness of the people in the society. Plato pays more attention to the goodness of the true nature, which culminates the goodness principle.

Coming to our issues, it’s of concern to consider individual and the impact each has to the society. Based on the analysis, it’s crucial to contrast the individual with the operation of the common society.  In case of the first patient, he is a father old enough though his kinds are much younger. Giving him the heart will save is life but not to the common goodness of the society. He has been in employment even though his wife is stay at home mom, what he has earned during his employment will continue to educate the children, so this is not a reason enough to consider giving him a heart.

In the second case, the little girl deserves to get the heart but still she lacks the common goodness principle, which should be applied where the society is directly involved. This is important as it helps in ensuring they meet the situation where the majority will benefit from the actions taken. It’s evidenced that she suffered the ailment because of other complications, which affected her in her life time. Even though the father wants to donate a large sum to the facility it still goes below the benefits accrued by the third patient who benefits by getting the heart.

Under the principle of eradicating drug abuse in the society, this stands to help the patient get the heart transplant. In his case, I would consider the number of people who will benefit from the fact that he will remain in the camp where he will be used as an example to help the you not to engage   in drug abuse so that they can avoid becoming victims of the same in their life’s. This is vital as it will help the society to fight with incidents of having so many heart complications because of diseases and misuse of various drugs. According to the anti drug abuse organization NACADA, it’;;s essential for the organization and the community at large to stand together and help each other to eradicate issues of drug abuse for the benefits of their good health and happiness in their living.

In order to make the right decision, it’;;s necessary to ensure decisions we make are beneficial to the majority and not to individuals simply we know them. For example, it was good to value giving the heart to the little girl since her father was a member of the same facility, but this could be compromising with the goodness of the society and its happiness at the expense of one person.

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