Technology Advancement Raises Threats Through Designers and viewers

          The rapid advancement in technology, the development of the computers, smart phones and not forgetting the internet has made the world a small place. Communication with people and looking for information has become much easier than before. All this has lead to the main threat that has developed. Pornography!

          The main people that are in danger are the young and teenage girls. The advancement in technology has also lead to the invention of social networking sites like facebook. This is where people share their thoughts and feelings with their friends. They also share pictures of their fascinating moments. This sometimes also has consequences. The ‘;;shameless’;; graphic designers are looking for this, “pictures of fascinating moments” which are shared by people on these social networking sites.

          We all know that around the globe there are many, very talented graphic designers. Some of this graphic designers have began to use their talent and knowledge not to support themselves by getting hired by good companies to make money but to edit images of these girls into making what we call “Porn.” Where do they get their images for editing? Well by now you must have got the idea that some of the graphic designers hunt for these pictures on this social networking sites.

          But is it the graphic designers to blame? From my side i guess of course not. They are not the ones we can put blame on. We all know that for something to work successfully there is the requirement of good support. The designers are getting support from many types of people. Firstly, the people who support them financially for doing this kind of act. This people have managed to stay highly anonymous and thus making it very difficult to track them down. If we want to stop this very frustrating act going on, we cannot go looking for this people; it would be next to impossible. The second set of people who support them indirectly are the viewers. People who view this material on the internet. 

          The viewers are the right set of people who we can work with to get the shameless designers to stop their acts. If we stop viewing their material, the designers will not have any support as they will just be making this material for themselves only and not for others. this will create a lack of self motivation and in the end force them to stop doing this work because they will realize that now they are just wasting their useful time for no good reason.

          In the end I would like to say that it is us who are supposed to take the blame on as we are the ones who support this people to produce this pornographic material.

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