A Goan Holiday in the Hills

We took the Trivandrum Rajdhani from New Delhi HazratNizamuddin station and after a relaxing 30 hours on board the AC 1st class, we reached the quaint Madgaon station at Goa where we were met by the hotel representative. 

2.5 hours and 71 kms of lush green mountainous roads later we reached the untouched, unspoiltWildernest Resort in the heart of the Chorla Ghats – the Swapnagandha Valley, in the newly declared Mahdei sanctuary of Goa.Nothing had prepared us for the earthiness and uniqueness of this place.

Soliya – our retreat in the wilderness was a roughhewn log hut. Blending in perfectly with the greenery and forested incline of the mountain side, the hut offered a spectacular view of the valley. Each of the huts are placed such that not one encroaches on the others’ space or view. The interiors are well furnished and have all modern amenities…all apart from a television. A holiday truly not for everyone!

Dinner that evening was at the common dining hall – a unique and authentic Konkani buffet menu, created by their master chef Ramakant and his team. You cannot order the usual tandoori platter or chicken Manchurian. Healthy, ethnic food is what you get…

A movie show showcasing the region and its flora and fauna kept us entertained that evening while the wind howled and the owls hooted. The next morning we took off for a nature trek to the VazraSakla – a 143m long waterfall on the ridge. And what sights we saw…the spray from the silver waterfall, the swooping eagles, the intricate flowers and leafs. It truly was a nature lover’s paradise.

Back at the resort, we cooled off in the amazing infinity pool and made some great friends at the outdoor bar over  a couple of refreshing drinks.

My honest suggestion to you, if you are searching for a holiday package in Goa, this time opt for a trip that will really add to your travels and experiences – buy that travel package to Wildernest. You won’t regret it. 

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