The smart phone plot!!

Well,the article is not about the detrimental effects of smart phones in the entropy or about  the phenomenal change it has bought into human routines. These topics have already been confronted, discussed and debated indefinitely by philanthropists all across the globe. It is just about a small unfortunate or going-to-turn fortunate episode in my life plotted by a smart phone.

I never became a victim of smart phones even though when they became a ubiquitous parameter in the society, since their advent five years ago. I was always convinced that I could never depend on a phone for any purpose other than calling someone or texting them. But things had to change and they did. The world was moving too fast  and various instances made me realize  that I was left behind without the critical technology update.Consequently,I decided that it was time for some smart ass company and hence juxtaposed a smart phone with my old simple model. 

I was pushed into an unexpected conundrum within days of my new friend’;s arrival. My smart phone had revealed everything about my relationship to my family (or to be more appropriate, to my conservative family). My mom basically isn’;t keen enough to operate a smart phone. She doesn’;t even know to check the inbox. But one fine day, when she was glaring at the new phone to check some applications, she saw a small window of a notification which read that I had received a text message from “some” person . And yes without any doubt, that “some” person was my girlfriend. All it took was a gentle touch over the notification window and the very next moment she had all our conversations saying hi to her and my secrets which I wished to hide from her just went kaput. Well, the worst part was that unlike my old friend this one had all the messages stacked neatly and chronologically as conversations and hence she could easily picture and figure out the situations happening inside the conversations.(There was no scope for this in my old phone where the received and delivered messages would be in separate folders). Adding to the misery was the facebook chat synchronization which contained even more of my-mom-shouldn’;t-know stuffs. She wouldn’;t have imagined that she could get so much information about her son with nothing but a touch. Thanks to the smart ass for being so honest and humble.The touch has now become mightier than a pen!!!

Well the fact or point I wish to put forth here is that, when a smart phone could easily reveal so much personal information to a naive person like my mom, it could certainly lend them to the “First world nations” and software giants who are snooping on netizens all over the globe (“food for thought”)!! Unfortunately, we are always being prowled by the very own devices to which we are technically owners and actually slaves.

For some very warm reasons, I still feel the world was a very peaceful place when we had this in our pockets:

nokia 1100

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