10 ways to increase your blog traffic


Blogging has become very popular these days. Everyday thousands of websites and blogs are added on to the internet traffic. Everyone wants to have there blog whether it is institution, a company or an individual. Mere creating a blog is not enough because it is incomplete without its visitors. The very problem faced by the bloggers is to give traffic to its website or blog. There is a tough competition among the bloggers on the internet because everyone wants to be ahead of others. The basic problem is to attract more and more visitors to there site.

Here are 10 ways to increase your blog traffic:

On site factors:

1) Keywords – This is the most important step while creating a blog. The keyword you select represents your blog is what about. Therefore to attract visitors to your blog always use a keyword which is attractive and has a great influence on visitors to have a glance at your site. Put your keywords on the title of the page and other pages, all over your site, HTML tags etc.

2) Content – After selecting keyword, next is the content. The content you give should be strictly in accordance with the Topic which you chose. Content should not be too lengthy or too short. If it is too long then it should be divided into paragraphs. The content should be new and it should be updated daily or on weekly basis. The best way is to include forums and polls on your site.

3) Subscription links – Always put subscription links on your site. This way you can increase traffic to your blog. By putting subscription link in form of email newsletters you can force back the visitor to return to your blog for some catchy updates.

Off site factors:

1) Blog directories – List your websites on blog directories and catalogues. Find the directory that match your keyword of blog and request them to add your blog in there listing. These blog directories play a huge role in increasing traffic to your blog. Get listed to as much number of possible directories.

2) Join social networking sites – Social networking sites has become a hub several millions of visitors. More and more social websites are coming up. Join these social networking websites such as orkut, twitter, face book etc, forums, communities, chat rooms and list your blog’s url on these sites.

3) Search engines – Get listed on search engines to get your blog being searched by more number of visitors. Few of them are MSN, GOOGLE, and ALEXA. When visitors search on these search engines your blog also get listed on search result. This way you add traffic to your blog.

4) Go Beyond electronic media – Apart from online marketing you can also go for offline marketing by way of newspapers, magazines, journals, yellow pages. This is another medium to increase traffic to your blog.

5) Start your own community – You can also start your own discussion community, message boards over the internet. It can in the form of online discussion boards, email discussions. This way you can attract more and more regular visitors to your blog. They will come back again and again for the discussions being conducted on the blog.

6) Free downloads – This is another new and most popular thing which is found these days on almost every site. Put interesting software’s such as freeware, demo etc and let visitors download them for free. Like this you can attract visitors and influence there curiosity to visit your blog for some interesting and new downloadable software’s.

7) Free consulting – Give free consulting to people who visit your site. Consulting can be done through email or via phone. This way you can help a visitor to add knowledge and attract your customer service because otherwise consulting is a very expensive for a visitor.

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