Let’s Go Shopping In Your Wardrobe

What’s your first reaction when you think you’ve got nothing to wear? Go shopping at lunchtime, fingers crossed that you’ll see the one thing that will solve all your sartorial problems? Only to feel buyers’ remorse by the time you’re back at your desk?

Have you ever considered a more relaxed and potentially awesomely satisfying experience of shopping in your wardrobe?

I love showing ladies how to go through their wardrobes to recognise and use the clothes and accessories they already own. You can create a whole range of outfits that you’ve never dreamed of before simply by playing in your wardrobe. This is great skill that will save money and teach you to appreciate what you have.  It’s also a delightful way to crank up those creative juices to assemble outfits that are unique to you.

All you need is bit of time, open-mindedess and the willingness to take some risks.

I had the greatest time yesterday with Charlotte “shopping in her wardrobe.” Like you, Charlotte has many things going on in her life.  She runs her own business, is a mum to two young children and has just moved house. She had also worked hard to lose a huge amount of weight after having her children. It was time for her to celebrate her new shape with new clothes.

Charlotte warned me she’d done a huge clothes cull and wasn’t left with much.  But we were still able to create some smart casual outfits with the twenty odd pieces that she had using a wide range of shoes, a scarf and a couple of necklaces. I’m not sure how many times she said, “Oh, I’d never think of wearing X with Y.  I only wear it with Z.”

And that ladies is the belief that limits the potential we see in ourselves and our wardrobes. Too often we prescribe rules for ourselves on what we can/should/can’t wear. I get that rules simplify life and save us time.  The downside is we go on autopilot and stop seeing opportunity or potential around us. We stop growing.  We stunt our creativity and that’s when boredom and dissatisfaction kick in.

So next time you automatically reach the top which always goes with that bottom, stop. How long have you been wearing X with Y? Who made up that silly rule? What would happen if you wore X another way? Over something?  Undersomething? With a belt?  Or with different shoes?

Ask why to switch off your autopilot. It’ll help you see possibilities and have more fun.

Charlotte successfully completed an eight-week challenge with her exercise group Body Beyond Baby. She won the grand prize in that challenge and received a Wardrobe Rejuvenation experience.

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