How to use Social Media as a Business Advantage?


Amidst the buzz surrounding the vitality of social media,rising to a near crescendo, are you still struggling to have a sustainable social media presence for your business? 

Below are some of the tips to enable you effectively leverage social media sites to connect to your customers, develop your brand and build a long term relationship between your brand and customers.
Evaluate your business
Evaluate your brand, business goals, business assets and your target audience to plan your social media marketing strategy accordingly. Assess your target audience including their age group, location, habits, preferences and their perception of your brand, product, competitors on various social media channels and use those demographics to develop your own aims for social media. 
Update content regularly

While several brands similar to yours are fighting for customer’s attention, great content presented in a unique and engaging way is an effective way to drive customer’s attention. Posting regular content updates is not the only challenge, encouraging your customersto ‘like’ and ‘share’your posts is equally challenging. 

You can create buzz for your products/services through interesting and informative posts with a personalized tone and by providing compelling company insights and news to keep them updated.
How to boost customer engagement 
Involve your customers into your decision-making, ask their feedback and make them realise that their opinion matters. Ask them questions, organise contests, give freebies, discounts etc to boost customer engagement.  Respond to your customer comments and queries regularly and thank your happy customers. Do not be afraid to address any negative comments. Respond to negative comments ethically and show that you care about such comments and what your customers think.
Develop conversation-worthy social media campaigns.
Plan and execute social media campaigns that are integrated with your brand and that forge an emotional and relatable connect with your audience. 
Refine your activities
Measure the results after undertaking a social media campaign, adapt any new findings and improve your efforts. Constantly refine your strategies according to the current trends and on basis of what works and what doesn’t. 

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