2012 Geneva Watch Awards best male Award Finalists table the table inventory

Once known as the watchmaking “Academy Awards” reputation “Geneva Haute Awards” (GPHG,Grand Prix d Horlogerie de Geneve), creator is the highest honor the altar table. After successfully held 11 times, 12th Geneva Haute awards an annual awards ceremony held on November 15, 2012 at the Grand Theatre, award including best Prize for ladies ‘;; watch Prize, best table, gold pointers several watchmaking Awards, the highest awards. Today Editor as we put together the best table Award finalist this year.
Best table Award finalist watch CHRONOMETER ? Urban j rgensen UJS P8 l P8 with Swiss lever escapement
Best Award finalist watch high Cooper, Ruth Dreifuss (Greubel Forsey) Asym é trique Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain
Best table Award finalist Watches IWC (IWC) Big Pilot
Best table Award Finalists table of Ma ? Tres du Temps Chapter Three Reveal
Best table Award Finalists table of Luo Lunfei (Laurent Ferrier) Galet Micro-Rotor Limited Edition in Platinum with Enamel Grand Feu
Best table Award finalist watch Runge (a. Lange&S which hne) Lange 1 DATOGRAPH UP/DOWN
Best MB&F Legacy of Machine table Award Finalists table n ° 1
Best table Award finalist watch Zenith (Zenith) Pilot Montre d
Pei Panerai the best table Award finalist Watch (Panerai) Radiomir 8 days GMT Oro Rosso 45 mm
Best table Award finalist watch Abby (Audemars Piguet) Royal Oak Extra Thin Royal Oak

Zhang Ai-ling
About the man
1. you know, a man’;s good or bad, not his philandering is specialized, since ancient times, men are adulterous, but to see, there is no control.
2. don’;t say, no good men in this world, don’;t hate the person who dumped you, after all, used to love you, hurt you, tolerance will make you even more beautiful.
3. men have started to smoke, have a beer, there will be a story, while the women have money, moreover, there will be a tragedy.
4. when a man said to the woman, “I’;m sorry” when, then the woman will lose completely.
5. perhaps every man all have had two women, at least two. Marries red to rose, over time, become a mosquito on the wall of the red blood, white is also window bright moon light; married white roses, white clothes on a grain of rice-stick, is a cinnabar in the heart of the red mole.
6. the view was expressed that man once in favor, nine head of cattle to pull back, difficult to change to woman, nine head of cattle on the back? Only biological differences between men and women, psychological aspects of same.
7. He said, I was tired, let me calm for a while, okay? You said yes, because he is here to tell you, not with your consent.
8. Ah, do not believe that men, on which occasion it? Bed, and when he’;s happy, when I need something from you, wrong time.
9. If you’;re not flirting with a woman, she will say that you are not a man, if you play with her, and she said you are not a gentleman, so, do men look for is, the men had to choose, would prefer not to do above, also need to be a man, even if it is a bad man.
10. woman such a complex shadow clock, men had to deteriorate a little bit every day, to a certain level, he got bad taste, bad to the exciting, he is the new bad boys get wind of people, are men prepared poisons to women of the world.


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