Ayurvastra: herbal clothes

With the global trend of enhancing beauty and appearance, there is a new demand of technology which will give beauty along with health and sense of relief. Such demand has given rise of cosmetotextiles. Herbs and essential oil are widely used as folk medicine for a very long time. The cosmetotextile is a combination of fibers and herbs. Microcapsulation, liposomes, dyes and coated textile technology are the main technologies used in preparation of Ayurvastra. Temperature of dyes, duration and number of dye soaks, blend of herbs and equipment are carefully well controlled in such technologies.

Herbal dyeing process:

Herbal dyeing process was developed through extensive research. It is developed from old-age dyeing process. This process starts with the grey cloth which passes through several stages and becomes colorful and ready to wear herbal clothes. Only natural processes are used in herbal dyeing process. Fabrics and yarns used are certified organic cotton, natural cotton, silk, wool, linen etc. below are the stages of the process.

1.       Processed cloth is washed with natural mineral-rich water and sea salts to remove gums and oils used in weaving.

2.       Fabrics are exposed to direct sunlight. Natural grass base and animal manure are used in bleaching process.

3.       Bright and fast natural mordents such as myroballans, rubhabelears, oils, minerals, etc. are used to make colors. Use of heavy metal mordent like copper, zinc is strictly avoided.

4.        Only medicinally rich herbs, plant material, minerals and oils are used in dyeing process. Plant material is directly added in dye bath to achieve and retain medicinal qualities.

5.       In herbal dyeing, finishing is done by sprinkling pure water on the cloth and then stretching under pressure using hand rolls.

Uses of Ayurvastra:

It acts as a revitalizing tonic and keeping body fresh and healthy. Proper herbs in textiles can cure disease like arthritis and hay fever.

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