Wikinut writing website review

Wikinut is an online community of writers. Anyone can join. They’;;;re from England and Wales.
There is a large community of poets there. They’;;;re just like most writing community online.
They paid fifty percent of royalty that you earned from your writing. However, the pay per view is very low compared to other sites. You get like fifty cents for every one thousands page views. This is how I estimated it. I only get about fifty cents for every thousand page views. They report it in Euro so I did my conversion of course. They pay you after you have earned five euros. However, the page views is way to slow on there.
You can promote your content but the page views is too slow but a little better than Triond for sure.

They moderator to moderate your content and they earn ten percents of your content. If your page has a lot of spammy material, you might not get published. They don’;;;t like links there and there are not that many promotions opportunity like other site. You might not be able to post a lot of back link there. You have to wait until they read your content and then publish it. They do publish your material most of the time.
There is no words limit on there. You can write short poetry or short articles. They have a page format where your articles is in a page format with sections.

I have posted like seventy articles on there. I received about five hundred page views per day and some nine hundred page views per day. It will depends on the kind of articles that I write
and whether they feature my articles or not. You usually get the articles features on there on their front page and that helps out with the views but it’;;;s only for one day or a few hours.
After that there will be a drop in pageviews if it’;;;s not feature. You have to promote your content and make friends who will read your articles.

It’;;;s hard to get pageviews from Google nowadays and especially if you haven’;;;t had many articles on there. It’;;;s hard to get on the front page of Google nowadays. If you submit duplicates, you will never get on Google. You might get on the ten or twenty pages of Google. It’;;;s hard to get traffic on there unless you promote all the time or if you have lots of freinds on there. I haven’;;;t got paid yet since I havne’;;;t accumulated five euros yet on there. However, I like the people from this website cause they seem nice enough. They never reject my work or make
offensive comments about my work or me. They seem to be appropiate over there. I just wish that the traffic is better. I only submit original material over there so my articles get on Google a lot.
I got lots of pageviews for a piece of news I commented on and the piece of news was very popular. I made like fifty cents from all of those traffic, still very low.

I got like 40 pageviews and didn’;;;t worth a penny, so the pay per view is very low. It’;;;s a new website still so I know it will change in the future and they might even go Google one day. I think that getting pay
Google adsense is much higher. You can get one click that is worth five bucks and that will be equivelant to 6000 page views on wikinut even. I’;;;ll definitely wait out until their pay per view is higher. However, they’;;;re much better than Triond for sure, and you at least get some page views on there but Triond is definitely dead.
I would recommend people to write for wikinut. However, I think they should do somehting about the pay per view, it’;;;s way too low. They might want to switch to adsense.

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