How to get free rooms, dinners, and shows in Las Vegas

Las Vegas have institute a lot of marketing methods to bring in more guests and when they do this, you have a lot of chances of scoring free rooms, shows and dinner but not many people know the program that well. I will attempt to explain how you can do this in this article. You will be very happy to  find out how you can score free things for the long term with some of the marketing programs here in Las Vegas from major casino. They’;re legitimate since they’;re from the casino themselves and all you need to do is sign up and start playing and earning. One way of getting free things is to sign up for a player’;s card and participate in their promotions. Another way to earn is to play Myvegas on facebook for all Mgms resorts.

Play Myvegas on facebook

Myvegas is a promotional game on facebook from MGM resort. It’;s free to sign up and free to play on facebook. All you need is a facebook account and you can start playing right away. You get free chips to start out and you can collect free chips several ways so that you have free chips to play all the time. You don’;t have to buy chips but it’;s there if you want to buy them, but I suggest that you stay away from buying since you will get free chips every day, so there is no need to buy and it’;s not worthwhile to buy since you won’;t be winning anything major anyways. You can save that money and buy the dinner or shows or rooms instead of playing. It’;s the same thing. This is available for anyone around the world to play on Myvegas. Anyone can play and anyone can redeem them for the prizes but in person at the casino only. You do need to be over 21 to redeem them and you have to be a non-employee redeemer.

What do you earn for playing Myvegas?

You earn free shows, dinner, rooms discounts, free rooms, drinks, roller coaster, nightclubs access and much more. These are real prizes. You have to redeem in person at the casinos only and you have to be the person on the facebook account and with a picture ID and a player’;s club card. You have three months before you have to redeem it or it will expire within three months. You will get all the details once you purchase your prize online. You do make purchases of your choice of shows, dinner, or rooms online on facebook once you have accumulate your points. You do have to have enough loyalty points in order to redeem them online. You will see once you click on Reward on the left hand side of the games how many points you need in order to purchase them. All of these are self explanatory on facebook. I’;m sure many of you have facebook already. Your freebies are comps only and you can’;t resell it or let someone else use it. Although you do get tickets for two so you can bring any guests with you as long as they are not an employee or meet the age requirements for some of the offers. I have redeem some of these offers and they’;re fantastic. We went to the buffet at the Mirage, and it was wonderful. We saw some shows and we love it. There is no scam involve. The casino does this to bring in more business once you arrive at the casino, you might be tempted to play a hand or two.

What casinos offer Myvegas?

Mgm resort is the only one offering this promotions, all MGM resorts will be paticipant. This mean you get to choose among all of the casinos that belong to MGM like Mandalay Bay, MGM grand, NyNy, Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Aria, city center, Crystal, and others. This is not good for any other brand like Harrah or Station since they don’;t offer this promotions. You can get started today. It’;s free to play online and free to redeem.

How to you win loyalty points for redemption?

You win points called loyalty points for redemption of prizes like night club passes, dinner, or shows, or free rooms or discounted rooms. Once you click on Myvegas play slot games on facebook, it will take you to the game. You can play slot or black jack but those are the only two options on there. There are several slots games but you have to unlock them. You initially start out with Excalibur the game and it’;s a fun game. You do win a lot with Excalibur, as you play, you will unlock to other games. Not all games are available right away. It’;s easy to play slot since all you do is hit play. You will get to play automatically once you build up your play. There is an option for you to click on below the game to let it play automatically like for ten, 25, or fifty spins.

Where do you collect free chips?

There are several ways to collect free chips. One is automatically given to you once you sign up. You also collect them in your email that you use to sign up at facebook so you should check your email regularly for free chips. You get free chips once you sign in daily, and it’;s called the free daily spin bonus. You do get around several thousand free chips daily with this method. You also get free chips daily at daily at their blog page. You also can do this initally once you sign up to collect tons of free chips. You can also collect free chips from your screen background once you’;re in the game page. You can click on the red x to get rid of the game and behind it are tons of chips from different casinos that you can collect daily and these are enough for you to play with.

You can save your points and you can redeem them once you’;re in Vegas, since you can’;t redeem them if you don’;t live here. You can save them and once you redeem them they’;re gone. You can buy the prizes with your loyalty points once you have enough of them online on your facebook game page. You can click on Rewards and then buy them as you browse through the selection. You will have 90 days to use it or else it will expire. There are more terms and conditions at the buying page that you can read.

What other options do you have beside Myvegas games?

You can also get free rooms, or comps or discounts or invitation by joining their reward clubs. Once you join, you will have a card and it will keep track of all your points and play and they will send you invitation and coupons according to your play history. You can go to their player’;s club desk and ask about your points and see if they can comp your rooms or give you free shows or dinner. You can usually do this at most casino in Las Vegas.

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