Can You Write 60 Original Articles Per Month?

Article writing at a high volume is a challenge. It is a challenge of your discipline and your desire. If you’re a beginner this might seem absurd. On the other hand, for experienced writers this may not be too extreme. Writing 60 articles every month, month after month, will eventually earn your website the traffic that it needs to succeed. This article focuses on getting you fired up to take on this challenge of high-volume writing. Many times writers start with enthusiasm and determination only to see it wane as the challenge of high volume article writing begins to make itself felt. If this is the case with you, it might be time to take a step back and look objectively at what your goals are.

Goals are necessary in any endeavor and article writing is no exception. All of us are busy nowadays and our days fly by. This is precisely why goals are so important. Just like the list of “must-dos” on your list for today, so should writing appear on that list! The trick is to keep a positive attitude about article writing and try to look forward to your favorite time to expand your mind and create your masterpiece! Another goal that is closely related to high-volume article writing is that of using articles to drive traffic to your website. This happens as a result of your great, original content. Over time you will be regarded as an expert in your field and the popularity of your website will increase. This increase in popularity naturally drives more traffic to your site and the result is more readership of your material and of course, more conversions if that is your goal.  

Regardless the reason for your article writing, consistency will ultimately determine your success. Some say that only a few great articles will propel your website’s popularity and traffic. This may be true for a short time, but this short-lived success will quickly fade. On the other hand, publishing a steady stream of well written original articles will trump any artificial spikes in traffic to your website. An important point to remember about article marketing is that massive traffic will not suddenly flood your website. Instead, your traffic will gradually and steadily build as your brand becomes known across the Internet. This is exciting because this type of traffic is the most sought after. This traffic is laser targeted to your website and your visitors are ready for the great experience your website offers them. Imagine, all of this from article writing!   

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