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hacker.jpgHello all tech greeks ,   This is the first post i am posting in BUKISA.   please                                                       have a clear look  at this entry, i guess you may find some thing learnable in                                                     this entry  

Basically in this post i am gona teach  you all about the cyber donz
“THE HACKER”.   The hacker is an tech gig like all of us, but he has some special dedication towards programming and high level thinking, the hacker may  have a very good knowledge about network and software and how they work.

“Hacking” is an illegal attempt made by the remote person (or) also may
be your friend to steal the important (or) most possible data from your
computer, laptop or your smart phone too.  This is an “unknown entry of
person into your computer without your knowledge”

Basically the hackers are classified into three types:

images.jpg1. WHITE HAT HACKERS

The white hackers are the highly talented people, who have a stong command towords COMPUTER NETWORKING and networking hardware and software and how they operate. These hackers are also called as good people since they work for good cause of people. they may be working for a community (or) company security (or)an government agencies. They do not do illegal hacking to destroy something.
They are can be called as “CONSTRUCTORS”.

images1.jpg2. BLACK HAT HACKERS

These are some ananomous people (or) a group of people who work for an wrong cause, they make digital distructions. They are operated remotly from any place of the world. They steal email accounts, paypal accounts, bank details and also may be some personal details of most wanted people like celebrities, politicians.
These people are also called as “CRACKERS”.

index3.jpg        3. GREY HAT HACKERS

       These are the typical hackers.These hackers may have characters
        of both “WHITE  HAT”and also “BLACK HAT”. They perform
        both offencive operations and defencive operations. These people
        act according time.

These are the types of hackers. If you want to know what hackers use to hack, check my next post………

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