Situ Gunung Tourism Park: One Packet of Panoramic Beauty and Challenges

For those who love natural panorama and challenge, Situ Gunung would be an interesting place to visit. The beautiful natural landscape and the hilliness of its geographic area offer various challenges to the visitors for climbing, hiking, camping, or just for a picnic as well. Situ Gunung is located at the foothill of Pangrango Mountain, Kadudampit Subdistrict, about 15 km from Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Being located at 950-1150 m above sea level, this 120 ha-wide natural tourism park area has the fresh air. With its dammar trees and the other flora and fauna, Situ Gunung has the interesting sub-mountain forest area, along with the beautiful lake and waterfalls.

At Situ Gunung natural park we can enjoy the typical natural mountains panorama. The panoramic sight of natural forest scenery can be seen while enjoying the refreshing memorable journey. The sinuous road among dammar trees and pines lead us to the Situ Gunung lake area. The Lake Situ Gunung (10 ha) is an artificial lake. Surrounded by hills and the erect resin trees, the lake has the panoramic landscape. It looks so natural that we may be unaware of the fact. Actually, it is indeed an artificial lake made by one of the Indonesian freedom fighters two centuries ago. While enjoying the fresh air, we can walk around the lake and see the fauna, such as langurs, monkeys, surilis, etc. For those who take pleasure in fishing, the fishing contest is often held in this place.

It is an incomplete travel without visiting the waterfalls in this tourism park area. Curug Cimanaracun waterfall is the water source of Lake Situ Gunung. The waterfall can be reached about 1,5 km from the lake via a footpath. It would be a pleasing tracking and hiking experience. Another waterfall is Curug Sawer where we can take rest while enjoying the sound of splashing water. The clear water of Curug Sawer gives the fresh atmosphere to the location.

Typical mountains ambience at night can be experienced when passing the night at Situ Gunung. The comfortable lodging is provided at the entrance location to Situ Gunung tourism area. The locations for camping ground are also provided for those who love to camp. Every location is properly equipped for camping activity.  The other facilities are information service, cafeteria, souvenir shop, shelter, parking area, prayer house, toilet facilities, quay, playground, Nature Theater, and footpaths to show the visitors the potencies existing in the area. The footpaths are made to connect places having potencies and tourism attractions. Due to its potencies, the activities offered by Situ Gunung natural park are natural tourism, convention tourism, and educational tourism.

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