Tanjung Kelayang Beach: the Exotic Panorama of a Granites-Emblazoned Beach

Tanjung Kelayang is one of the exotic beaches in Belitung Island. The beach is popular for its spectacular beach panorama. The main special characteristic of this beach is giant granite that formed a small granite island at about 100 meter from the beach. The shape of the granite island resembles a bird, namely Kelayang. Kelayang is one of birds that often seen there. This is why this place was named with “Tanjung Kelayang”. The size of the granite island is about 50 m2.

The mealy, soft white sand; the still, clear, blue sea; the series of clean granite stones arranged naturally and artistically; and the blue sky along with the beautiful white clouds. That is Tanjung Kelayang Beach. Free from pollution. At the shoreside are the bollards where the fishermen tether their boats before go out to sea. The beach panorama at Tanjung Kelayang was so beautiful. Comprised of white sands, blue sea, the protruding clusters of granite stones on the sea surface, and coconut trees panorama along the coast, Tanjung Kelayang Beach is a right place to satisfy photography hobby. The character of this beach is suitable for swimming or sunbathing.   

Tanjung Kelayang Beach is located on the north of Belitung Island, at Sijuk Subdistrict, about 27 km from Tanjungpandan. Going along the shore of Tanjung Kelayang is a really pleasing journey. This beach always presents the different angle of view. This beach is facing to the north, emblazoned with small islands and granite stones standing on the sea. We can find various shapes and arrangements of granite stones at the west side. From the west side of the beach we can see the view of three small islands, about 300 m from the shoreside. Combined with the large granites spreading out on the sea surface, the view is more interesting, especially at sunset. The best place to enjoy the west side panorama is from the top of granites in the tip area of peninsula.

At the east side we can find the spread out area of white sands. The east side beach area is suitable for swimming. Because the shore surface is wide, this area is also suitable for playing activity on the beach. The east side is the entrance to Tanjung Kelayang. No granites here, only the white sands. The visitors usually walk along the coast, about 300 m to the north to find the granites. One of them is the bird-like shaped granite.

Another place to see the beautiful view is from villa at about 500 m from the tip of Tanjung Kelayang peninsula. Somebody said this place is like a lost paradise. It presents the unique view that differs from the other places. To visit the small islands around Tanjung Kelayang Beach, the visitors can rent the fishermen’s boats. It only takes 10 minutes to explore these white sands-surrounded islands.

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