Hot to Send Voice SMS on Your Phone

SMS(Short Messaging Service) allows you to send & receive text messages on a mobile phone, using the numbered keypad on the handset to input characters. Each message can be up to 160 characters long and sent to and from users of different operator networks. All mobile phones available today support SMS. SMS has become a global phenomenon, with billions of text messages sent worldwide every week
This service allows MTN subscribers to send voice messages SMS to other MTN subscribers. There are special messages that need to be conveyed by voice instead of text. Say more in your own special way with MTN Voice SMS. MTN Voice SMS works on every type of cell phone. SMS sent to MTN subscribers will be downloaded in round and appear in the voice SMS inbox. Normal call rates apply when sending Voice SMS.In addition to person-to-person SMS, a large variety of content-based texts messaging services (Short codes) are available. We offer you the ability to subscribe to services that send news, sport and entertainment content direct to a mobile phone in the form of an SMS Activation Dial 559 and follow voice prompt to send Voice SMS.

Alternatively, dial 559* followed by the recipient’;;s MTN number to go directly in to the mail box. Eg. 559* 024 XXXXXXX Recipients will receive text message alerting them to call a short code 555 to listen to their Voice SMS. Retrieval of MTN Voice SMS is absolutely FREE. This is for all MTN Customers Pay As You Go & Pay Monthly Customers. Customers can also store up to 30 voice messages in their inbox. Ability to express the message in your own vibe/language Say more than you would have with regular SMS. Adds an emotional attachment to your message. Store that special message and listen to it all over again. So go on, send that special voice SMS to your friends and loved ones only on MTN, Ghanaâs most reliable voice and data network.

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