The Big Comeback of Pyjama Style Trousers

Winter is finally off (I can hear sighs of relieve everywhere, particulary mine), and a more reasonable weather is upon us. Not surprisingly there is naturally a tendency to look for a lighter, softer and less demanding fabric to cover the skin. Developments in fabric design and manufacturing have done us a favour and with the introduction of light and colourful fabric in the form of slouchy or otherwise known as pyjama style trousers, there is a true summer casual wear that anybody can wear at any time of day (or night).

I have to confess: I am not really ready (or even want) to witness masses of young people marching straight out of bed and into their schools, colleges and universities still wearing their pyjamas. That would be quite a sight for sore eyes, let alone in the summers we have been having in the UK over the last couple of years.

Furthermore, it is probably too cold to wear pyjama trousers in the winter (at least in the British Isles). But when it comes to lively and refreshing home comfort solution, pyjama trousers (or slouchy trousers) are the best.

Naturally easy cut, soft and loose fitting trousers with drawstring waist and large pockets are the thing to be seen in this season. Easy to put on waist is part of the attractive nature of these garments. Not only are they easy to put on, but also they are very easy to take down, and I will leave the rest to your imagination…

Stella McCartney and Paul Smith had their models strutting their trousers just last season, in a myriad of colours and funky designs. Make no mistake, these are simple but not trashy looking trousers. The emphasis is on comfort and home-feel slouchy trousers and casual wear, rather than just cheap clothes.

You have to visualise: it is not a look of “I just rolled out of bed, dear”. It is more along the lines of “Honey, I just threw this on”, in a casual and relaxed tone of voice. It is not a “look at me, I’m too cool for school”but rather, I’m just in a hurry for my gym session with my private trainer and this set works well both for the gym and for the way to the gym.

Ideal with a plain white T shirt, or another plain colour top and you slip right into a more relaxed mood. Colourful prints and loose cuts work well with the soft and light fabric. These “Israeli trousers” with their vibrant colours in a myriad of far-eastern inspired design bring in a sense of exotic places which would contrast well with a simple top or even complement a plain coloured loose shirt.

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