A day in the life of testing and tagging

Procedures in the workplace for testing and tagging

Continuing my previous post discussing a day of test and tag

You could go straight to www.testntagsydney.com

By now I have established a routine to proceed with to minimise disruption

I will now start sorting my first items let us assume we are at a carpenters  bench but it could easily be a workstation or office or amenities.

After checking all cupboards draws lockers and checking under benches I try to sort the items in class.

I assemble the portable electrical items into three groups relating to their class for testing and tagging. Always check the compliance plate!

NA (not applicable) Leads, extension lead, power boards, double adaptors, RCD (residual current devices, these devices detect leakage to earth and switch of the power)

Class 1 conventional devices that are earthed, Drills drill presses, and older type hand tools particularly Toshiba Trimmers, Industrial pedestal drills and fans, These items are generally driven with the electric motor encased in metal.

Class 11 are double insulated, most modern portable electrical appliances are double insulated with the electrical wiring and motors covered with 2 layers of plastic. The electric motor is separated from the operating mechanisms with plastic gears. To be tested as class to the double insulated symbol must be displayed on the compliance plate.

I now commence with a close inspection of the item beginning at the plug. I am looking fordamace, cuts and abrasions any tape is removed. I also run the leds between my fingers. I am feeling for any distortions. All senses are used sight feel and smell. We are also looking for  any modifiations which deviate from the manufactures intent (Are any guards tied back or removed are all gromrts and sleave in place and working.

Most items that fail, fail the visual or sensory inspection phase. Over 95% of failures fail at this point.  The failed item should be immediately be withdrawn form service. (Tagged out, binned or rendered inoperable or all three options) As we discussed in my last post I earlier established what the procedure was to be with tagged items, generally speaking leads are dumped and appliances are repaired. Some sites require everything to be dumped others seem o try to repair everything. Either way the more test and tag is required

Having completed the visual inspection I now attached the electrical device to the Tester.   I will leave that to my next post but go to www.testntagsydney,com

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