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Domain registration refers to the process of registering a domain name, which identifies one or more IP addresses with a name that is easier to remember and used in URLs to identify a particular Web site. A single person or a business delegates or an organization to register a domain name is called as Domain name Registration. Hamara hosting offers Domain Registration at very low cost even small organizations also can maintain the web site. Hamarahosting provides various domain names like .com, .in, .net and etc.

Domain name registration is a service that allows officially for registering your trusted website domain name. so that the domain name is unique for you and no one is over ride that. Hamara hosting provides various types of domain names to register a particular domain so that when the user types your URL then it will be accessed by a web browser with more faster. Domain Registration identifies one or more IP address with a name that is easier to remember and used in URL to identify a particular site.
Before you register a domain firstly must and should that domain name take an approval from Domain Name System (DNS). Once you get an approval from Domain Name System then that web site will be yours for a particular period of time. After completion you are also able to reveal the domain again.
Hamarahosting provides various types of web hosting technologies like Windows hosting and Linux hosting  technologies to host their web site and accessible via WorlWideWeb. dom

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