How to Decide which Android Apps are Best for Your Business?

Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a new trend where companies are asking employees to bring in their own devices for universal computing and work. This enables employees to maintain their data on the cloud and have access to it with security and privacy at all times. Companies are seeing a lot of gains in productivity and information security as a result of this initiative.

With BYOD the need to have the right apps is critical. Every business, small or large needs to get its employees a bouquet of Android or appropriate apps that can help them carry out their work and access information and data that the enterprise maintains in its systems. A number of Android apps are available for routine tasks such as checking email, reading and editing documents and carrying out standard work procedures. BYOD however also places additional requirements on companies to provide applications that interact and interface with the enterprise’s systems and databases securely while running on the Android devices that employees use.
The Android operating platform for mobile devices has over one half of market share of all devices and is therefore the more popular the world over. Android apps are available in millions across the different app stores including Google Play. How does on decide which apps are best for the business and most appropriate for the employees to use?

Companies will need to set up a research team that will search and evaluate apps and their suitability for their business. Companies may need to create a library of apps or even have their own app stores that will enable employees to download the apps that they need. The team will need to look at the different tasks that an employee carries out during the course of a regular day and the data, information and documents that would be required for access, editing and reporting. These tasks will make it more apparent as to which Android apps will be necessary for employees to have on their devices to be able to carry out their work seamlessly.

Employees will also need to be asked for their suggestions on the Android Apps that they need to be productive and have access to information and tasks they require while on the move. Sales teams will need to work out the tasks that they should be able to carry out from any location including customer relationship management, marketing collateral, sales order processing, order tracking and customer care.

As companies create a library of the Android Apps that are best suited for their business, it will become easier for employees to have these on their devices and carry them around while remaining connected and attached to their work and company systems.

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