How to overcome the soft audio playback of MP4 movie files?

I strongly believe that there are many people out there who faces the same problem. MP4 movie files are able to be played using your average movie players like RealPlayer or Window Media Player and you would probably realized that the audio playback were very low in volume. MP4 are usually converted movie files from DVD. Most of the time, MP4 files are downloaded from the Internet or even iTune.

I tried to plug in the laptop for the playing of the files to even a Philip Sound Bar with extreme high bass and volume outcome, but the outcome is still not encouraging. The music within the MP4 files were loud, but the conversation were extremely soft. I even had to hold on to my remote control during the movie to adjust the sound accordingly.

The strange thing is that the music is especially loud but when the characters started talking, it cannot be heard. So you tried to turn up the volume to the maximum. When the screenplay music starts to play, it gets too loud and you will have to turn down the volume. But people starts to talk, you have to turn up the volume. The remote control was always in my hand. Adjusting non-stop. It was a misery doing this and I was supposed to be entertained by the movie. That was in the past now.

After the failure with speaker, I tried to search on the Internet search engines and found many people asking the same questions over and over again on major forums. There were some solutions being shared on the Internet. One of the solutions involved the user to instal a codec (Similar to AC3 Filter) and it required the user to do some setting. That sounds a little complicated for me.

There was also a solution I found on the net to install a sound mixer. I do not think that this is a good idea because the laptop that I am using already have an in-built mixer that comes with the sound-card It does not work at all. Having an additional mixer only allows the user to adjust more variations of sound frequencies. It does not increase the overall sound output.

While installing a codec is the only idea, I thought it would be a good idea if I were to find a player that is meant for MP4. With Cloud Computing gaining its popularity, MP4 player that offers such capability are not too hard to find after all.

Then, my problem was solved. I am now able to adjust the volume, particularly a more balanced one with sounds that can be heard so that a MP4 movie can be enjoyed without the need to adjust the volume from time to time.


The simple solution which I had discovered is Qvivo Player.

Qvivio aside from the ability to optimize MP4 video content, it also optimize the sound output of the file. It has been tried and tested by me. It works. Therefore I am now sharing this solution with the many people who may be facing the same challenge. All you need to do is install this player and use it to play the MP4 files.

Optimizing quality of the content is not the only merit with this player. It allows you to synchronize your movie files (including other formats like .AVI, .WMA, .MKV and etc with your tablets and other computer devices. All you need is a terminal that holds the files and import them into the player’;;;s library. If you are using another terminal, but logging into the account, you will be able to stream the files remotely provided that your host is online.

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