The Advantages of Colocation

You may wonder why you’d choose colocation over renting a server and letting a web host run and maintain it. But buying your own server, and then allowing a data center to store and sometimes even maintain it for you can have great benefits. So many in fact, that once business and website owners have made the move to colocation, they don’t go back.

Bandwidth is by far and away the biggest advantage that comes with colocation. When you choose a shared hosting plan, it probably won’t come with all the bandwidth that you need, especially if you’re running a website for a business. When you choose a dedicated web host on the other hand, you might be paying a lot of money for bandwidth you don’t even need. Colocation bridges that gap beautifully, because you only pay for the amount of bandwidth you actually use; but you still have as much there for the taking as you need. There are many benefits that come with choosing a VPS package for your web hosting needs.

The second biggest advantage to colocation, that doesn’t come with any other kind of web hosting, is that you’ll own your own web server. While some think this is actually a disadvantage, because of the initial investment, it also gives you complete control over the server – even more than you get with dedicated hosting. That means if your server is not powerful to expand and grow the way your business or your website is, you can simply upgrade to a new server. You don’t need to wait until your web host buys new servers themselves; you just need to visit or call the colocation center. phoenix colocation

Because you already own the hardware in the web server, you also own the software that goes onto that server. That means that you have complete control over what type of software, scripts, plug-ins and add-ons you use, and that you can use whichever ones you want. You’ll never have to ask your web host if it’s allowed, and you’ll never have to worry about not being able to have software installed that you want. But if you don’t know how much space, or how many resources you need, the scalability that comes with VPS is definitely one of the biggest advantages this type of hosting has to offer.

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits you’ll get from colocation is that if you don’t want all that control, you don’t have to use it. If you don’t have the know-how to set up your server, install software on it, or upgrade the operating system when needed, you don’t have to. Some business owners hire their own IT team or consultant that can go into the data center for them and perform the work. Others leave it to the colocation center, who’s staff will do all that work on your server for you for a small additional fee. You may wonder why you’d choose colocation over renting a server and letting a web host run and maintain it.

There are many types of web hosting that are beneficial to many different business owners. But when you’re serious about web hosting, and you’re serious about the hardware and software you use for it, colocation is often the only choice for many.

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