Gorilla Trekking Uganda Favourate Holiday

Gorilla trekking is one of the most popular African holidays but in particular the most selling safari in Uganda. To be part of it is like winning a rotary because of the hassle of finding the gorilla trekking permits. No matter which group you have been allocated to trek, the experience is the same but when you get to see them you may forget the passed fatigue and enjoy the fruits in front of you.

A gorilla tracking holiday in Uganda gives you the chance to sit amongst the brown eyed apes whose life barely depends on foliage for survival. Despite there bulky bodies they are not violent primates but can only range when disturbed. In case you get closer to them, you have to stand at least in a distance of 7meters to avoid direct contact with them. This is because they are highly vulnerable to catching human contagious diseases. It is a precious moment sitting amongst the gorillas.

Other forest dependants like the black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, grey checked mangabey, l’hoest, golden monkeys are ready to make your trek more interesting. You keep meeting them along the way. Taking some of there photos too. The ground is slightly steep and slippery because of the regular rains that fall. This is the reason for requesting you to carry a rain proof gear to shield your from getting wet. Gorilla trekking is an unpredictable adventure in that you are not sure of the time of return. This is based on the closeness or the distance that the gorillas might have travelled the previous day.

When you get closer to the gorillas, you will see the huge silverback. This has a grey lining in the back showing its old age. It is responsible for defending its family and searching for new feeding grounds in case you. During gorilla tracking, you have to be keen at observing the gorillas and there behaviours. The females have a low relationship amongst them selves because the all fight for favours from the alpha male. When the male dies, his off springs may be killed by the succeeding silverback and this may be one of the reasons why Mountain Gorillas are few in number. While enjoying the talk from the Uganda safari ranger guide, you have to take pictures of different positions of the gorillas because they are shy animals that may run into hiding at any time. You just have one hour to cover up all the memories of the mountain gorillas in there natural home.

After encoutering the gorillas and the birds in the wilderness, you may decide to move into the community close by in case you are not so tired. Listen to there local stories and songs. they have interesting tales. They have an organised community that may interest you. You may also drive to Ishasha to experience the community walk too.

In case you still have some money on you, you may opt for a game drive in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National park.This gives you the chance to see the tree climbing lions which are common in this area, topis, heards of buffaloes, herds of elephant families, leopards, hyenas, bush bucks to mention but a few. On a clear day, yu get to see the Rwanda volcanoes, enjoy the sight of the back drop of Rwenzori Mountain which is also known as the mounatins of the moon. it is a maginificant mountain in a tropical country that has snow at its peak. A luanch cruise on Kazinga channel would be a great highlight as you get to see animals congregating to quench there thirs at the shores of Kanzinga channel. a number of birds both foreign and local birds fing this channel a useful spot.

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