Delhi NCR Metro Apps – Providing Maximum User Convenience

Travelling via Delhi metro is great as it sets the people free from the hassles of waiting for buses or
paying hefty prices to auto taxi drivers. However, the journey via this mode of conveyance could at
times become cumbersome due to lack of proper information about metro trains, stations and related
whereabouts. This consequently gives way to the quest for a capable system that could prove to be
helpful for concerned commuters, which is amicably answered by various methods such as the official
website of the metro network itself, various non-official portals, mobile applications, etc.

While websites are a feasible source in the wake of this cause, mobile apps are comparably better as
they are handy, feature rich and could provide you with the desired information in both the offline and
online modes. Hence looking out for some genuine apps concerning Delhi metro would be an ideal
solution to this task and could help the passengers find their desired information.

Facilities offered by Delhi NCR Metro apps

The individual developers of mobile apps in this genre are more expected to include their own
distinctive feature in their creations so as to ensure a cutting edge over their rivals. Below are
mentioned some of the common functions, likely to be present in most of them.

Fare Calculation: It is an important option that is present in all of these apps, obviously with
different names. Some may ask you to select the source and destination stations to get
the exact fare between them, while others may simply ask you to select two stations in an
interactive route map for the same

Route map: it is another entity that you would often come across while using the app. The
difference however lies in its appearance, some have static maps, while other put interactive
route map to make it more accessible by the users.

Station info: As the name suggests, this facility provides all the possible information about a
chosen metro station that may contain train timings, frequency, parking info, feeder bus route,
gates/directions, lifts/escalators, etc. Evidently, any app with such detailed tidbits is more
probable to lure the users.

GPS Locator: This is a fresh feature as compared to the earlier ones. Some developers have
already incorporated it while the rest ones might be working on it. The feature tracks current
location of the user using GPS and furnishes details about the nearby metro station accordingly.
So now there is no chance of your being lost in the oblivion.

Location description: Considering the popularity of the capital city, mobile app developers
often add a feature that could help them know about the famous tourist attractions, hotels,
restaurants, educational hubs, worship places, malls etc., near a selected metro station.

Asides these, you may experience a bucket full of added features offered by developers. The motive in
all these is however the same – providing maximum comfort to the users during their journey via Delhi
metro. For updated knowledge, it is better to upgrade the apps to latest versions whether you use it on
android device, iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile or on any other gadget.

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