The 2013 China call center and Corporate Communication Conference exhibitors: Huawei

Huawei S3700-28TP-EI-AC  is a leading telecom solutions provider. We focus on customer needs continuous innovation, with the opening-up cooperation, in the telecommunications network, enterprise network, consumers and cloud computing and other areas to build the advantage of end-to-end solutions. At present, Huawei’;s products and solutions have been used in more than 140 countries, serving the global 1/3 population.

Relying on strong R & D and comprehensive technical ability, Huawei in the enterprise market to “be integrated” strategy, and the opening-up cooperation, understanding of customer needs, focusing on the global government and public utilities, finance, transportation, energy industry, large enterprises, communication and MSO, the small and medium-sized enterprise, follow the pipeline strategy, to provide comprehensive, efficient ICT solutions to its clients and services, including enterprise network, unified communications and collaboration, cloud computing and data center, enterprise wireless, network energy infrastructure.

Looking to the future, we are committed to become the best partner cooperation innovation of enterprise information, the enterprise informatization process, enhance the enterprise operation efficiency, and hope to the global enterprise customers, partners, together to meet the challenges of ICT transformation, build up the benign industrial ecological chain, promoting the healthy development of ICT industry, to promote the process of the whole social information.

Huawei enterprise ICT solution that you need for your use

Connotation and extension of A Better Way: Huawei is committed to become your best partners, because the huawei:

Take the customer as the center: Huawei people fast response, the spirit of customer first, to give you a quick and professional service;

Global organization: our institutions in more than 140 countries around the world, Huawei has been providing services in your side;

Continuous innovation and high quality: to continuous innovation ability and rich experience in ICT, providing leading industry, quality reliable products and complete solutions, connecting 2000000000 users worldwide;

Trustworthy: Taking the sustainable development strategy for the future, and actively contribute to the community;

Trust: is the “fortune” the world 500 strong companies, has maintained steady growth for 20 years.

Huawei Huawei business based on BG platform, which belongs to the Huawei three business operations center (BG) of. At present the business BG contains 3 major product lines, respectively is: enterprise network product line, unified communications and collaboration product line, IT product line (cloud computing and data center).

Also contains Marketing and solutions, providing enterprise wireless, network energy, vertical and horizontal solutions.

Based on S3700-28TP-EI-24S-AC  these products and solutions, to lead to build a global market, Huawei has set up sales, technical service platform for global coverage to support global business development.

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