Why Selenium Can Be the Testing Tool of Your Choice?

The choice of web browser varies from one user to another. But each user loves a quick and flawless user experience. As a user has options to choose from a wide variety of web browsers, the developers often find it a daunting challenge to deliver the best user experience. Also, the constant websites and web applications updates have made it essential for the developers to choose the right web application testing tools.

In comparison to traditional software testing tools, Selenium is much more efficient and effective in identifying and fixing the bugs immediately. Along with the open source toolsets, Selenium offers a set of advanced and robust tools to support rapid GUI test automation development of web-based apps. As the technology is designed using JavaScript, it can support most of the popular web browsers and platforms.

Further, a developer can easily avoid changing and testing scripts to ensure that these are working seamlessly on multiple platforms. A professional not familiar with a test scripting language can still use the record or playback tool provided by Selenium to author and execute web application tests. Further, you can deploy the Selenium JavaScript code at a time while running the web application. The code will allows you to interact with it just like normal users.
Based on the nature and type of your web application, you can choose from three distinct variants of the technology like Selenium IDE, Selenium Core and Selenium RC. The variants can also be used individually or in combination to create customized and complete automation suite for your web application. There are also a number of reasons that makes Selenium one of the most powerful open source automation tools.

5 Key Advantages of Using selenium automation tool.

1. Option to Choose from Several Languages: As the automation tool is compatible with several languages, you are not required to change your existing engineering architecture. So you can easily plug Selenium into the existing architecture and avails its benefits. As your organization is developing web apps using a specific language, your team will possess adequate knowledge and technical expertise on a set of tools. You can use your existing IDE and reporting tools, and make it easier for the QA team to test the web application.
2. Run the Same Script on Several Web Browsers: While testing their web applications, developers often have to modify their scripts for individual browser. As Selenium is designed using JavaScript, the technology is supported by major web browsers. So you can easily run the tests on different web browsers without putting any extra time and efforts. In addition to saving your time, the technology will further help you in providing improved user experience.

3. Support of Multiple Variants of Selenium: As mentioned earlier, you can use three variants of Selenium in isolation or in combination. Each variant will offer you specific benefits. For example, you can use the Selenium IDE as a Firefox plugin to record and run your test. Similarly, Selenium Grid will help you in optimizing your resources by running and deploying the tests in a clustered environment. So you can easily choose the variant of the technology to reduce the web app testing time.

4. Integration with Other Suites: Sometimes you have to deploy multiple tools of suites to like QMet and Hudson to enhance the user experience. Certain solutions make it easier for developers to sync Selenium with other solutions. You can also create a state of the art test automation infrastructure without investing in the expensive commercial tools available in the market. Further, you can exercise a huge amount of control over testing AJAX web applications, as the suite works alongside with your web application.

5. Avail the Reporting Features of Your Existing Framework: Similar to the languages, Selenium automation tool also works seamlessly in different frameworks. So you can complete the script testing within a reduced period of time by choosing the framework of your choice. At the same time, you can also avail the reporting tools used by the framework to make it easier for your QA team to identify the bugs.

In additions to the above mentioned advantages, Selenium automation tool costs lesser than other commercial tools. So the automation tool can be used by a developer regardless of the design, size and budget of the web application development project.

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