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Montreal Dorval is a well accomplished name in the corporate industry. Masterly features and nonpareil services have led to Montreal Dorval being recognized as a superlative force in the livery services. If a luxury sedan is your need, Montreal Dorval is right here at your service. Corporate Meetings, Airport Services, Conventions, Cruises; are few of the major services at your dispensation. On offer are Luxury Sedans, Stretched Limousines, Limo Vans and Minibuses. Accommodate offices, conference rooms or even leisure rooms into your Limousines. Furthermore, our unblemished chauffeurs will be at your service throughout the duration of the outing.

Who are we?

Established in 1981, Montreal  Limousine Service has become a premier name in the corporate sector. State-of-the-art luxury cars and limousines, is a trademark of Montreal Dorval Limousines. Delivering flawless service is a matter of pride for us, and we strive to ensure that Montreal Dorval remains the principal name in livery services, in Montreal. Dispensing standards of the highest order is our aspiration. Our ingenious and adroit  personnel will warrant you a marvelous experience.

Services On Offer

We at Montreal  Limousines believe that our clients deserve a service that is adapted to their needs, a service that will fit them best and will eventually lead to the customer’s gratification. Thus, beside our standard packages, we also offer custom specials. We take the time to tender the best solution for your requisites. We propose the alternatives, you choose. Reach out to us today to see what sets Montreal Dorval apart, from others in the business. When high end carriages are the need of the hour, Montreal Dorval is the answer.

We offer sedan fleet consisting of Black Lincoln Town cars, with Black leather interiors, equipped with cellular phones. Complementing our sedan fleet are 6-passenger stretched Limousines, 8-passenger stretched Limousines, 12-passenger Vans. Also available are a 7-passenger Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum SUV,  Stretched Navigators in Black and White delegated to carry up to Eight passengers. Private choppers are also available for Upscale Business class clients.

The Crew

  • Chauffeurs and Drivers. Highly proficient, distinctively trained drivers make certain that your journey is cozy and convenient. They remain in touch with us throughout your trip, aiding us to reaffirm that you have a most pleasurable experience.
  • Dynamic Office Personnel. Our backroom staff encompasses enormously dexterous technicians helping us to serve you in the best way possible, deploying the latest dispatching system and communication technology. Montreal Dorval is reachable round-the-clock, throughout the day, any day of the year.

Why Us?

Rich tradition and unmitigated value to clients is what brings back customers to Montreal Limousine Services. Old-fashioned values, reasonable tariffs, convenient outings, uncompromised passenger comfort and safety underline the few of the aims that we strive to implement. We, Montreal Dorval Limousine Services, are the chieftains of livery services in Montreal since 1981, then, why not us?

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