A brief overview of Amazon.com

Amazon.com Inc is based in Seattle, US. It is named after the Amazon River. This American multinational is the world’;s largest online retailer. Amazon began online retailing by selling books, but later diversified to selling software programs, apparel, toys, etc. Today it has expanded its business and is one of the major providers of cloud computing services.

Amazon was incorporated by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The website amazon.com was on the internet the very next year. Amazon has separate websites for some nations like US, Canada, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Germany.

Amazon’s success was due to its strategic acquisitions. Over a period of time it acquired PlanetAll, Internet Movie Database, CD Now, Joyo.com, BookSurge, Shopbop, dpreview.com, Audible.com, Zappos, Touchco, Lovefilm, Kiva Systems and IVONA.

The team at Amazon work to keep its customers satisfied. The company has offices, warehouses, fulfillment centers and customer care centers in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. Most of the company’s software is developed at Seattle.

Amazon.com launches Amazon Kindle in November 2007. This e-book reader uses E Ink technology to reduce battery consumption. It also ensures clear and legible display. It offers more than 850,000 titles and is very popular. Amazon.com forayed into the tablet computer market in September 2011 with its Kindle Fire. This tablet runs a customized version of Android OS. It was priced very low, at $199.

Amazon.com was sued by Barnes and Noble on May 12, 1997 alleging that Amazon’s claim to be the world’s largest bookstore was misleading. Barnes and Noble asserted that Amazon was not a bookstore at all. It was a book broker. The suit was later settled out of court.

Amazon’s domain amazon.com attracts millions of visitors every year. It has invested heavily on servers. Amazon has different versions for different countries. Amazon.cn, amazon.fr, amazon.ca and amazon.com.br are some of them.

If you need to buy a book today, you need not visit any book store. You can choose from many titles and order what you want from the comfort of your bedroom; thanks to Amazon. The success story of Amazon is indeed an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs all over the world.

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