How to save when you’re travelling to Las Vegas

How do you save money when you’;re in Las Vegas? This is a place where one can lose thousands per minute at a table. It’;s such a wonderful place but also dangerous if you think you will get rich by playing here and many don’;t often get rich but they end up losing all of their money. This is why I feel compelled to write this article. I want to save you from losing tons of money in Vegas. I want you to enjoy your trip but don’;t get rip off while you’;re here. Some people would have nothing left after playing that they end up begging for money on this strip and I don’;t want this to be you. Everyone loves Vegas but you have to be careful because Vegas can leave you broke. You can save money by planning ahead for your trip because last minute decisions will lead to impulsive spending that will cost you so much more. Here are some great ways for you to save while you’;re here in Las Vegas.

Save on downtown hotels

Who wants to save? I do. You save so much by staying at downtown hotels than hotels on the strip. You can pay $19 a night versus paying $400 a night. I would pick the $19 a night and the room is cute, clean, spacious and elegant anyways. The uptown is not any better. You don’;t need all that elegance since you will be spending lots of time outside of your room anyways. Hotels that are inexpensive include the Golden Nugget, the four Queens, Texas Station, palace station, any station casino, any downtown hotels, and the Golden Gate. This is ideal for those that are staying long, with lots of people or in town for business regularly. Your bank account will thank you after you pick downtown to stay for your trip.

Stay away from upscale hotels

Uptown hotels are nothing but rip offs. You don’;t need them. They will charge and charge unless you play a lot and you might end up with free comp rooms with your player’;s card. Some hotels are worth it if you get comp off at the end of your trip and some do if you come with a player’;s card.

Save on dining

You can spend less by going to the buffet instead of upscale restaurants where you will pay hundreds for nothing anyways. If you like to impress people and lose money then go right ahead, but otherwise you can save so much by going to the buffets and you get to choose food from all over the world and you can literally eat until you drop for $10. You would end up with a $500 bill at an upscale restaurant for one plate of food or you can end up with 10 plates of food for $10 at the Orleans or the Gold Coast or the Station’;s Casino. I rather save and the food at the Orleans or Gold Coast are fantastic anyways.

Save on shopping

You should not shop while you’;re in Vegas. Vegas is the place for fun but not for shopping. You need to save your money. You should save your money for better shopping in your hometown. Vegas merchandise are expensive and it’;s not the best either unless you rip your shirt or broke your heels. Vegas has some outlets but they’;re not that cheap either. I think you’;re better off in your own hometown.

Pack everything

The more you pack the more you save. Water is $4 a bottle so why pay for it when you have a pack in your bags. You can stop by convenience store or Walgreen and it’;s less costly than purchasing it off of the strip hotels. Who wants to pay $10 for a burger because that’;s how much it cost at the casinos so look for the food court where you can buy McDonald for a $1.

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