Quickly Learn How To Start Using Your iPad

An introduction to the iPad is definitely not necessary. It’s the tablet that has paved the road for these devices made by Apple, and is well recognized all over the world. As with all technology, it can potentially be hard for somebody that is new to using the iPad (or simply iDevices in general) and isn’t familiar with Apples iOS operating system to learn how to use the iPad right from the start. Since we’re now a couple of generations past from the original iPad which is outdated, this article will discuss the use of more recent iPad models that followed.

When you get your iPad out of the box, you’ll need to have it configured and registered with Apple, the procedure is rather quick and should only require a few minutes. It’s very similar to configuring other Apple devices as well. Once that is complete you’ll then need to download iTunes onto your computer. iTunes allows you to transfer content to and from your iPad to sync and backup your iPad’s data well.

On your way to learning how to use the iPad, you’ll want to practice a few hand gestures in order to get a better understanding of the iPad’s basic capabilities. These hand gestures can tell your iPad to open an app, zoom in, zoom out, scroll through a web page and much more. For instance if you were to tap on the icon of an app, your iPad will open that app. While within certain apps, placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them apart will cause the iPad’s screen to zoom in.

If you press the rounded “home” button towards the bottom of your iPad while using an app, it will bring up your home screen. Pressing the sleep/wake button at the top of your iPad will turn the screen off, while pressing and holding it will give you the option to power off your iPad.

As soon as you’re done setting up your iPad and have it registered with Apple, it’s wise to get a feel for the apps that come installed on your iPad. This can help you get a better understanding of your device. In so doing you’;ll have a greater understanding of what exactly your iPad is capable of. One of the most frequently used icons you’;ll see on your iPad is the Settings icon. Here you’ll be able to control many of the features your iPad has to offer. From modifying your passcode, to adding email accounts, and managing your apps the Settings icon is where you will find a huge selection of control options for your iPad as well as the apps loaded on it.

Once you’ve gotten knowledge for the pre-loaded apps and have become acquainted with the Settings icon, I recommend new users to head to the App Store. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store which allows you to find an app for virtually anything you desire.  You’ll find apps from your own bank which allow you to pay all of your bills right from your iPad. Shopping apps that let you buy goods from the comfort of your own home. Online music apps that stream all kinds of songs. Weather apps that can tell you the forecast anywhere in the world, and many more. You’ll find two types of apps, paid apps and free apps. Starting out you may want to download some free apps to begin exploring the enormous collections of apps.

So far in this article, we’ve covered the basics on how to use the iPad. If you’d like to get a complete step by step how to use the iPad video guide visit The iPad Video Coach.

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