What is DS484 all about?

Apart from the growing dependency that people have on it, there are several threats that it poses as well. This is the reason why most countries have set in place laws or rules and regulations with regard to the use of technology. Such rules have been set in place in order to create a system where all these changes can be accommodated without compromising on data security and integrity. Also, most countries that have realized the importance of this have set in place measures that would keep a check on this issue. Are you interested in learning more about a particular standard referred to as DS484? Then continue reading this article.

About DS484

Now you must be wondering what DS484 is, right? Well, as mentioned earlier it is a standard for information security in Denmark. It is subject to constant updates since technology is ever changing, so it needs to be in tune with the current developments that are taking place. This standard was revised in 2005. This standard has been formulated based on the structure which meets international standards such as ISO 27001 and ISO 272002. Both these standards are based on the ISO 17799, which has been recognized by the British Standard BS7799.

In the year 2004, the Parliament decided on taking up open standards. This means that all the state institutions that would include safety regulations, such as the DS484 would be included in the package as well. Then back in January 2008, this standard was introduced across the state. Then the government in 2010 decided that the government institutions would use international standards as well. Most of the Danish municipalities have been ordered and use this standard. Additionally, it is going to be used by other regions in the near future as well.

How does it help?

Now, you must be wondering in what way the DS484 can be implemented, right? There are several requirements that companies need to meet in order to qualify for attaining this standard. For one, it is mandatory that the company has in place an information security strategy. This means that the company needs to have in place a mechanism that would help it avert any type of security threats such as attacks from hackers or spammers. Apart from that the company would be required to carry out risk management and assessment. When the threats can be identified in their infancy, they can be arrested immediately before they become a big problem. 

Other Issues

The DS484 also looks at other issues. Some of these issues include the safety of the information in the organization. Since information is the key to any business, data security and integrity is of foremost importance. Apart from that this stand mandates the company to have control over the information which is related to assets, since it is sensitive in nature. Also, employee safety, access control, operation and management of networks are classified under this standard as well. 

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