Are All Mobile Spyware Malicious

You may be wondering whether all mobile spyware these days are malicious. It may not be a common knowledge to all mobile users that not only are mobile spy software can monitor and track down your location using the GPS tracker technology but so are other mobile applications. It is worth noting that most of these applications are harmless and not malicious. They are in fact utilized to enhance and improve the usability of the program application among mobile users. However, it is important to recognize the difference between consensual tracking software and the non-consensual one.

Consensual tracking and Non-consensual tracking program

Both of these programs do the same thing that is tracking and monitoring a mobile unit behavior and location through a GPS tracker technology. One becomes a consensual tracking program when the user itself knowingly and deliberately installed the tracking application on their device. Social media applications widely use the tracking software which the user can use in checking in their location in their social media accounts. By voluntarily downloading this application, you are giving your consent for the program to track down your location. Parents also deliberately install mobile spyware on their children’s cellular phone to enable them to constantly monitor their whereabouts and location history.

Non-consensual tracking programs are considered malicious when they are downloaded on your device without your knowledge and permission. This is a form of a mobile spyware that a third party may have installed on your phone to spy on you. The malicious installation of the tracking software is done to invade your privacy and to locate your whereabouts most of the time.

Preventing Malicious Mobile Spyware Running on Your Device

A GPS tracker and other tracking features of a mobile spyware need the program to be downloaded directly on a cellular device. Your objective is to prevent the application from being downloaded into your mobile phone without your knowledge. One way to prevent malicious mobile spyware from getting into your phone is to deny its access to your mobile device by setting a password for every download made on your cellular phone. This will prevent a third party from sneaking into your phone and download the spyware.  Another precaution is to ensure that you are downloading an application from a reputable source. You may be enticed of downloading an application to your device of what appears to be a fun game but turns out to be a malware that could spy on your cell phone data and information. Most cell phones with low security standards can put you at risk to malware and mobile spyware and it is best to regularly update your security software and settings.

The installation of malicious mobile spy software is preventable. Mobile users only need to take the necessary precautions when downloading the different applications available for their mobile units as it is possible for the spyware to be present in consensual tracking programs. Cellular device are armed with security features which you can use in providing yourself better protection against unwanted mobile spy applications. 

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