Unkind load speed of website

Slow loading speed of any website considered as a great setback. People like to visit such sites which are having good loading speed and get annoyed and in result quit such websites which are having slow speed.

This speed is also matters to search engine rankings, your brand’s perception and conversions as well. When website load speed improves, the performance and quality of this website automatically improves. So it’s very essential to keep an eye on your web page load time.

This post provides you different ways to improve your website speed.

·         Check your web page load speed: you have to check your web page load speed first. To determine this there are several tools available such as WebPage test, Google’s Pagespeed Insights and Yahoo’s YSlow are important ones. With the help of Google’s PageSpeed Insights you can recognize those factors which are slowing down your website where as YSlow assess your web page speed and WebPageTest gives you whole idea about the performance of your website.

·         Optimize images: large and heavy images on your website can be one important reason in the reduction of your website load speed. You can use image compressor and other number of tools to equalize screen depiction and file sizes. These tools discard avoidable bytes from images and reduce its size without put any affect on the picture quality.

·          CSS and JavaScript files: when codes are not combined like JavaScript and CSS, the website speed can also slow down. You can use CSS and JavaScript compression tool to clean the avoidable area of your code. Tools such as Google Closure Compiler. Minify will adjust your files and decline the file size and expand website speed.

·          Merge CSS and JavaScript files to lessen HTTP requests: you have to reduce the objects on your webpages to lessen the HTTP requests which is important to deliver your web page. To reduce HTTP requests you can merge all JavaScript and CSS files in one big file.

·         Monitor your server’s performance: you can use monitoring tools which monitor your server performance and highlight the areas of trouble and help you to make important changes. Tools like Collectd, Nagios, Zenoss etc are good tools to monitor your server performance.

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