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Located at the distance of about 300 kms from Hanoi, Sapa Vietnam is one of the hottest destinations for international tourists to Vietnam. Lao Cai can be reached by car or train. There is National Highway No.70, 279, 4D linking Lao Cai to Yen Bai, Lai Chau and Ha Giang, China in turn. Lao Cai preserves lots of special cultural, historical sites. Typical sites are Sapa ancient rock field; Sapa, a unique natural tourist site; Bac Ha Market, the biggest fair near the mountainous highlands. Festivals in the region are also very special and fascinating.

To Discover Sapa Vietnam travel, you can get on a coach from Ha Noi or rent a private car driving in 8 hours to reach Lao Cai and go up to Sapa Town. The best way to travel to Sapa is booking a train ticket from Ha Noi. Spend the night on adventurous train travel to Sapa in a wooden deluxe A/C cabin and soft sleeper bed or else catch a bus uphill to a 4 season-Town of Sapa Vietnam.

Usually, the trains from Ha Noi to Lao Cai – Sapa depart in the night and arrive very early in the morning or vice versa (normal departure time from 20h15 to 21h55 from Ha Noi and arrival time in Sapa about 5h00 Am). The trains welcome tourists at 120 Le Duan Street in Ha Noi railway station and Tran Quy Cap station, just behind 120 Le Duan streets, Ha Noi Capital, Vietnam. You must show your Sapa train booking at the main entrance to check in and then the Sapa train staff will re-check your Sapa train tickets and lead you to your train carriage parked inside the railway Station Vietnam.

The trains from Ha Noi to Lao Cai named as SP1, LC1, LC3; AM: LC5 and from Lao Cai to Ha Noi named as PM: SP2, LC2, LC4; AM: LC 6 run daily. The daytime trains offer only hard seats and cheap train tickets, whereas Travellers enjoy soft seats, air-conditioned, four-berth cabins or VIP cabin just for a couple in the night trains provided by Sapa train ticket carriers:

Victoria Train to Sapa

Victoria Express train is the best in terms of comfort and service from Ha Noi to Lao Cai, Victoria Hotel’;s “Orient Express” train offers one restaurant and two luxury sleeping carriages, all with air-conditioning. This is part of the normal run (LC5 and LC6) between Ha Noi and Lao Cai.

Tulico Train to Sapa

Tulico train offers comfortable, air-conditioned soft sleepers. Though, it is not a luxurious train but it offers good alternative transportation to Sapa from Ha Noi. It has soft sleepers, A/C and four-berth cabins. You will be provided with one bottle of water, a small snack and a napkin.

Green Train Ticket

In the LC5 and LC6, there are Victoria Cabins, Tulico Cabins, Friendly Cabins, and Ratraco Cabins. All of these are alternatives for Travellers to Sapa from Ha Noi. Ratraco train is one of the best trains to Sapa with wooden cabins.

Friendly Train Tickets to Sapa

Friendly train, like the Tulico train, is not a separate train, but offers soft sleepers, A/C and clean four-berth cabins in 2 carriages which attached with local trains (LC5 and LC6) between Ha Noi and Lao Cai. You are provided with one bottle of water, a small snack and a napkin.

Livitrans Train Tickets to Sapa

To serve tourist requirements, the Livitrans train is also part of a regular train with 2 carriages in SP1 and SP2 which offers A/ C, soft-sleepers and clean four-berth cabins.

Friendly Train Ticket to Lao Cai – Sapa

Friendly train is wooden carriage, soft sleeper A.C. cabin with soft 4 berths and two toilets at either end. Each berth is equipped with individual reading lights, baggage storage and spacious trunk for suite case and hand luggage. The train provides water and cold tower also.

Fansipan Train Tickets to Sapa

The brand new Fansipan Express train has just been introduced to operate routing Hanoi – Lao Cai – Hanoi with 4 fully decorated carriages with high standard soft sleepers along with air conditioning wooden cabins. Each berth is equipped with reading lights, baggage storage, flower, mineral water and napkin.

King Express Train to Sapa

New generation of tourist carriage runs Hanoi-Laocai-Hanoi, sister carriage with Fansipan Express. King Express train features VIP (2 berth), Deluxe (4 berths) as well as the Superior cabin.

Sapaly Train Ticket to Sapa

The Sapaly Carriages have featured wooden panelled cabins connect with SP1 and SP2 (Hanoi-Laocai-Hanoi)

All the train carriers departs from Hanoi railways station from 8h20 PM – 22h45 PM and arrive in Lao Cai train station, 30km to Sapa town at about 4h30 Am – 6h00 AM next day. You can contact Trainticketdeliver.com for your best Sapa train bookings suitable for your travel plan.

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