Choicest New Year Eve Destinations

 New Year’s Eve is a tradition that states one year has drawn to a close, while the other is just on the vista. Whether you celebrate with a small gathering or join the masses of people at the -place to be every New Year is welcomed with a warm smile and hug. The countdown to the New Year begins at the New Year eve and this celebration adds more value if enjoyed with our near and dear ones at a finest and most sorted destination. Whatever be the preference, have a list of cities that is right to be the best place to bring in the New Year. To name a few of them are as follows:

  1. Sydney, Australia: The Sydney New Year’s Eve celebration can be compared at par to the New York Apple drop of the Americas’. This city attracts a million guests from across the world. Located on the Sydney Harbour, the fireworks are absolutely fantastic.
  1. New York City, New York: The ball drop in Times Square is every person’s dream come true. Jammed packed with viewers and the bitter cold evening awaiting the drop of the ball and cheering for the New year welcome is a must see. Besides this New York is well known for the stand-up comedy clubs and ritzy hotels hosting dinners for everybody’s experience. The ambiance of the city is reason enough to come.
  1. Berlin, Germany: According to German history, the Brandenburg Gate occupies a special place in the heart of every German. To gleefully welcome the upcoming year, hundreds of thousands of people come to the gate each year. Illuminating lights and sparkling fireworks add to the beauty.
  1. Toronto, Ontario: Canada’s capital and the vibrant cozy city every year welcome’s the New Year with a bash at Nathan Phillips Square is a great destination where you can hear to some of the present day’s chart topping performances. Toronto-s -First Night Toronto- is a great event just for the family. There are hundreds of performers and a number of shows that are spread over three days. Ending with a bang on December 31, the fireworks display is truly amazing.
  1. London, England: New Year Celebration in this city has been a treat to every visitor’s eye. The Band marching with loud music accompanied with the chariot driven horses and light up London’s Big Bell adds charm to the whole city.
  1. Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo the fast paced city is a fun filled place with warm friendly people walking through the streets celebrating the New Year. The temple bells start ringing their bells when it is midnight. The whole city is awake for a full week which adds more fun to the whole celebration.
  1. Disney World, Florida: The right place for the whole family to welcome the New Year. Fun filled events with fireworks. Favorite characters of the kids, Disney princess walking around you greeting New Year wishes makes every visitor there feel they are in a magical kingdom with the presence of Cinderella and Snow white making their dream come true.

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