Why you should remember you holiday accommodation in Sri Lanka for years to come

While planning for a vacation, Sri Lanka usually does not come to your mind. But the teardrop island situated at the south-east coast of India has much to offer. This island often referred to as a gem of Indian Ocean. If you are looking forward to a relaxed holiday, you should consider vacationing here. And since Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, it would be ideal destination for anyone looking for a tropical holiday. It is a paradise on earth for vacationers. Here you will find a wide range of accommodation – from low cost hotels to five star spas offering every luxury. Another attraction of a holiday in Sri Lanka is accommodation in luxury villas and bungalows.

Sri Lanka has a very rich history and to understand the culture here, you have to know this. At various point of time, Sri Lanka was invaded by different foreign invaders. And this diversity of culture has made the nation today it is. If you want to feel this richness of culture, stay in a Sri Lankan villa instead of a hotel. If you are on a business tour, stay in a five star hotel which offers you every facility from boardroom to conference room to party lounge. And you will found a five star hotel in every city here in Sri Lanka. But if you are looking forward to a quiet holiday just to relax, a villa accommodation is ideal for you. And these villas come according to your need and requirements without compromising any luxury. And they come at a very reasonable price. If you are a nature lover, rent a villa situated in a forest and enjoy the wild life here. Sri Lanka has a wild life sanctuaries for Asian elephants, deer, peacock etc. If you stay in a forest villa, then you can watch these wild animals at their natural habitat. And if you are looking for a peaceful holiday accommodation in Sri Lanka, rent a beach villa. Pristine long golden beaches will remind you of the primitive world. With the wind whispering through the palm trees, you will forget the real world outside it. Alternatively, you can stay in a fort villa if you love history, or select an event villa which offer activities for every member of the family.

Sri Lanka is a religious place. While staying in Sri Lanka, do not forget to visit its numerous divine places. You will be amazed by seeing the ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples here. The most famous Buddhist temple here is the Dambulla Cave Temple. Quite a number of paintings and statues of Lord Buddha can be found here along with paintings of Sri Lankan kings, and gods and goddesses. This is also a world heritage site. And there are five most famous Hindu temples to visit, namely, the Koneswaram of the East, the Muneswaram of the West, the Neguleswaram of the North, the Ketheeswaram of the North West, and the and Tondeswaram of the South.

If you are a foodie, then you must visit Sri Lanka. Its delicate cuisine with complex test will simply amaze you. You will simply love to indulge in various dishes full of color and spices. Always expect to find kiribath and curry soup with choice of pork, chicken, fish, or mutton in your dinner. Other native dishes which you would love to eat are lamprais, roti, kavun, bibikkan, vada, hoppers, and pittu.
Another attraction of Sri Lanka is its Ayurveda. It is a way of treatment using the raw elements found in nature. If you are staying in a villa, you must go for an Ayurvedic spa here to rejuvenate yourself.

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