The Varied South Africa Tours That Delight All Visitors

There are many reasons to visit South Africa as this vast and majestic land has so much beauty and culture to offer. Tourists to South Africa would never get enough of the diverse natural landscapes that are so captivating with the myriad of unique wildlife and flora in the many safaris.

A visit to South Africa can be short or long depending on the available schedule of the tourists. There is an abundance of South Africa tours to cater to the varied types of visitors to this land. Those who are hard pressed for time may choose to take on a simple and short 2-hour tour around South Africa. There are many choices for the visitor.

Local tours

Day excursions are very popular in South Africa with the millions of tourists coming through every year. These day tours can be very adventurous such as a safari visit or day tours can be very relaxing such as a visit to the winery which Africa is well famous for its local production.

Some of the great winery tours in South Africa can be found in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek which have plenty of vineyards. These places are just a short drive away from the bustling city of Cape Town.

Garden Route tour

Many small groups or family visitors to South Africa like to go on their own exploration of this region instead of joining a standard tour group. Hence, many opt for a self drive through the panoramic Garden Route which bypasses the Cango Caves, wineries, Ostrich Farms, diverse natural landscapes, Shark Diving region and quaint guest house accommodation.

The sceneries along this path have been known to be breathtakingly beautiful with plenty of shades and flora offering. A self drive through the Garden Route allows visitors to stop at any spot for as long as they like and walk at leisure while capturing as may photographs as they want.

Kruger National Park

Another South Africa tour that would delight visitors would be the Kruger National Park that spans thousands of hectares. It is not possible to cover the vast space in a day tour although a lot of natural beauty and wildlife can be viewed in a half or full day tour.

One can join the standard game drive tours available at the park in comfortable 4-wheel drives with a window seating to view the diverse wildlife at this park including the Big 5. There are plenty of unique species of birds which make their home here during the winter.

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