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Cloud computing can improve your business agility, lower operating costs, and speed innovation. The key to making it work is the architecture.
Learn how to define your architectural requirements and get started on your path to cloud computing with the free oracle special edition e-book, Cloud Architecture for Dummies.

Topics covered in this quick reference guide include:

Cloud architecture principles and guidelines
Scoping your project and choosing your deployment model
Moving toward implementation with vertically integrated engineered systems
Learn how to architect and model your cloud implementation to drive efficiency and leverage economies of scale.

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Specifically Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is critical to the success of many enterprises. Want to build a private Cloud infrastructure and cut down IT costs? Learn more about Oracle’;s highly integrated infrastructure software and hardware to help you architect and deploy a cloud infrastructure that is optimized for the needs of your enterprise from day one. Download the free e-book of Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure for Dummies to:

Realize the benefits of consolidation with the added cloud capabilities
Simplify deployments and reduce risks with tested and proven guidelines
Achieve up to 50% lower TCO than comparable multi-vendor alternatives
Choosing the right infrastructure technologies is essential to capitalizing on the benefits of cloud computing. Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure helps identify the right hardware and software stack and provides configuration guidelines for your cloud.

With this book, you come to understand Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure and find out how to jumpstart your IaaS cloud plans. You also discover Oracle Optimized Solutions and learn how integration testing and proven best practices maximize your IT investments. In addition, you see how to architect and deploy your IaaS cloud to drive down costs and improve performance, how to understand and select the right private cloud strategy for you, what key cloud infrastructure elements are and how to use them to achieve your business goals, and more.

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