Spanning Continents via Airindia Airlines

To the Indian, the rotund, moustachioed, cheery, red-clad Maharajah mascot of the Indian Flag Ship carrier, Airindia, is a well-known airline. The airline operates services across Asia, Europe as well as North America. It serves 29 international destinations and 49, domestic destinations.

The airline holds the 4th largest share in India’s domestic air travel market. It’s fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, criss-cross over the country. Being the oldest Airline in the country has afforded it a dedicated terminal at the International Airport in Mumbai, its home-base. Over-the-counter booking as well as online booking makes your flight planning with Air India an uncomplicated experience. It keeps customers happy with various offers like Companion Schemes, the India American Express Gold card scheme, complimentary Business class upgrades, and complimentary tickets with limited offers.

In a different hemisphere across the globe, Alaska Airlines is striking air balance. The Washington based Airline that started out as McGee Airways went through mergers, acquisitions, expanded its services and reach and has metamorphosed into America’s seventh largest airline as far as passenger traffic is concerned. It has flights to destinations, not only in Alaska but also through the contiguous United States, Mexico, the four Hawaiian Islands and Canada.

Apart from the Sky-west Airline operated, Bombardier CRJ700’s, its fleet consists exclusively of Boeing 737 aircrafts. The interesting thing about the Alaska Airline fleet is its Livery (the external look of the aircraft). Though primarily, the aircrafts are white in colour, with teal and blue strips that run right through the length of either sides of the fuselage, the carrier specialises in adding cosmetic value to the service value that is a given. The carrier has several special liveries. Vacations to Disneyland are promoted with Disney motifs splashed across Disney bound aircrafts. A partnership with a Seafood Marketing Institute led to, the interestingly named, Salmon-Thirty-Salmon (a giant salmon painted aircraft). Alaska Airlines Cargo titles, reverse color schemes, hybrid liveries, state ferry, Native Alaskan canoe, musher and sled dog, bear and whale, and the latest, Timbers Jet- flaunting the colors of the soccer team, Portland Timbers: All these add an intriguing and colourful touch to the overall perception of the airline.

If this wasn’t incentive enough to make fliers warm up to this airline from the ice, onboard picnic-packs (sold to economy-class travellers), Starbucks and other food and beverage brands make a definite impact. Online booking, over-the counter and mobile booking makes your job easy. Why alASKa more?

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