The Beauty of The Mutun Beach Lampung

It lies on the southern island of Sumatra, Lampung Province made ​​the sea and surrounded by straits. Not surprisingly, many natural tourist beach you can encounter in this province. The distance is not too far from Jakarta to the beaches in Lampung be an alternative to crowded tourist. One of them is Mutun Coast .

Mutun beach

Mutun coast, is one of the beaches in the province of Lampung are easily achieved. Located not far from Bandar Lampung, which is a thriving city in the province and has a fairly complete facilities. If you stop by to Bandar Lampung, you can enjoy various games and the beauty of the beaches on the Coast Mutun.

To visit this beach, you must travel about 25 km from Bandar Lampung. On the left side right to the beach Mutun, green trees to decorate the street is quite good. A hint on the main road would be a marker if you have to turn to reach this beach. From the highway, now a dirt road with rocks must pass to reach this beach. The distance that must be taken not too far, only about 1 km.

After paying admission, you can now enjoy the atmosphere of a crowded beach. Boating, canoeing, banana boating or swimming is a fun activity commonly carried on the coast, including on this beach.Fishing activity with your family or for a hobby can also be done in this place. Fishing equipment or boats can be hired to perform this activity.

The beauty of the Mutun Beach

What’s interesting mutun Beach is a white sand beach, in contrast to the beach in some island of Java. So if you want to enjoy the beach with white sand, beach mutun may be one option, given the location is not too far away to visitors who came from Jakarta or West Java area, namely in Lampung .

Water relatively clean and clear sea attract a lot of visiting to play further from the coast. Waves on the beach is quite quiet so Mutun safe enough for visitors who want to dive in the sea If you just want to relax, there are huts used for shelter for visitors to sit or nap a gentle breeze beach breeze. You also can feel the serenity as water and clear blue sea and white sand islands plus the green across from the beach to form a beautiful natural scenery worth a visit.

Tangil Island

Not far from the coast, there are islands of green that looks and feels beautiful to visit. To come to this island, you can ride the boat to pay a fee per person. It did not take too long to visit the island known asPulau Tangkil . You can rest more comfortably because the atmosphere is lush and pretty quiet on the island. Sea water is also cleaner making it suitable for swimming, even you can see the fish that swim near the shore.

Having tired of doing the activity on the beach, you can taste food from dining at this beach. Around the inn is also available at a price that is not expensive. Coast Mutun , in Lampung , with white sand and sea water clarity will make the tourists will not forget this beach.

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