Chester a Truly Historical Beauty.

We have always visited Chester on numerous occasions just for a day out shopping,and a meal at one of it’s many Restaurants that cater to everyone’s needs and we always enjoy ourselves.But,this time me and my wife decided to go for a couple of days,it was a great opportunity for us both,to spend time together without the children.Our eldest is in College,our second eldest is in boarding School (on a Rugby Scholarship),and our youngest was on a three day Activity Camp with School.So for once we could relax and enjoy our surroundings and believe me Chester is truly beautiful.

Before setting off we had checked on the Internet for various Hotels and if there were rooms available other than that we went and hoped for the best for availability.Once there we found a lovely Hotel within walking distance of the City centre,and it was positioned right on the Cheshire-Shropshire Canal,this was an added bonus.The setting was fantastic and the Hotel itself was just as good if not better.The Mill Hotel and Spa far exceeded our expectations in every way,with bright and extremely comfortable rooms,and yet the whole Hotel had character in bucket loads.Right outside the Restaurant window was the canal with canal boats going up and down,others parked up for refreshments,a nice cold drink or even a meal it was a hive of activity and everyone enjoying themselves.Once we had checked in at our Hotel we went into the City centre where all the Shops and Malls are situated,but this time it was different.We decided to look a little deeper at Chester with all it’s history,architecture with all the spectacular buildings around every corner.Chester is steeped in history and grandeur with buildings dating back 700 years and more with them all in perfect condition and giving us an idea of how life was in the past.Everything about Chester is historical with black and white timber clad buildings,sand stone cornicing on the corners,or buildings built with red Cheshire brick and elaborate chimney stacks with intricate brickwork designs built in.How was this possible so far back how did they get their buildings to withstand day to day punishment for so long,how were they able not only to build the buildings and the chimneys,how did they get the materials up it’s simply astounding.

As we looked around the City we came across a Jewellers Shop,the business was set up in 1740 and the business had moved to these premises in 1804 and they were still going strong.The Shop was all original on the inside,the timber wood panelling to the majestic dog leg staircase a fantastic insight into how people used to shop and go about their lives some 200 years ago.The timber balustrade leading onto the galleried walkway overlooking the main Shop floor gave you the feeling of grandeur,with egg and dart carvings on the ceiling coves and all the timber polished so you could see your reflection.And to finish off it was full of quality Silver and Gold Jewellery a true Aladdins cave with a plethora of items from new to historical.Truly a must for anyone who enjoys History and Historical Buildings.This was just one of hundreds of Shops and Retaurants all in keeping with the history of Chester,the main street has two levels the ground floor all occupied with Shops,Restaurants,then you have various staircases which give you access to the first floor.This being a covered walkway packed with Shops,Restaurants anything you can think of,again full of character,history you can imagine how life would have been all those years ago it is simply stunning.

To go further back in time take a look and walk along the Roman Wall that surrounds the City perimeter,again as you walk along the wall you will see at various points more Shops filled with antiquities of all sorts catering for all tastes.Obviously the wall is protected so you need to to take care when walking along it but the sights and views from the wall is both spectacular and breathtaking.After the wall walk you must get yourself to the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre this is situated just off from the main Shopping Malls but within the City itself and it is a majestic sight for anyone.And if that’s not enough for you to investigate,then go and visit the Cathedral it is amazing.Again not in the centre of the City but just off centre the Cathedral is in a slightly elevated position as if keeping a watchful eye on everyone and everything within the City.Inside and outside the Cathedral has historical values galore with amazing architecture inside,from the carved seats to the beautiful carvings on the ceilings,to the ornate pillars that surrounds you inside this is one sensational building which honestly deserves praise of the highest regard.

Chester,although we have visited on numerous occasions from a very young age,I suppose we have taken it for granted all of it’s beauty and heritage never thinking about the buildings and their history,only going in to the Shops to buy clothes or toys,or go into the Restaurants to eat.Never giving it a second thought about all the History attached to the Buildings,just taking it all for granted.But,given a little thought and time it is well worth it and if you are a UK resident wanting a couple of days off,then where better to go and you wont be disappointed.Or if you are from overseas visiting these shores do your very best to visit the beautiful City of Chester it will literally take your breath away.

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