Runway VS Catalog Work

Most young models do not start out when they are five, many do not realize they want to get into this business until they are twenty or so but that is not too late, however, there are two different routes a model could go down. With catalog work, the model will find this is usually for a clothing magazine or book which goes out to millions of homes across the country and it does go to some of the biggest names in the fashion industry also.

With runway modelling, the model will be on a bigger stage, most runway modelling shoots come with many huge names attending and if the model is spotted then they could be put onto a bigger stage than that and actually work with some of the biggest names in the business. Catalog modelling is different from runway modelling – of course but it is not about getting to the big stage at once because most models cannot handle all that pressure.

However, it is more about the quantity of modelling jobs than the quality because the more modelling jobs, the better for the model. What agencies are looking for today will have to be the experience of the model, of course, some talent agencies will be looking for just the ‘look’ but the biggest factor which most agencies will be looking for is the amount of experience. This is one of the most important parts which any inexperience model has to be aware of because it will be the difference from taking the pressure of the career and breaking under the pressure.

The modelling business is going to be a tough one, however starting out with either catalog work or going straight into runway modelling can be great because both are a viable way in getting into professional modelling. It can be very tough and there was once a time when it would be a high end super model could never do some commercial or catalog work because it would end their career, however now a days, there are more and more high end supermodels who do turn to catalog work.

They fashion their own fashion lines but it is all about getting experience, whether it is going to be through a small catalog work or a small fashion show doing some runway modelling. It will be so important to make sure that no matter who is getting into modelling, they will need to try to find some experience and that does mean a combination of both.

Both runway and catalog photo shoots are going to be just as important as the other, maybe a high end runway shoot will get more attention than some smaller catalogs but it really does all add up to valuable experience and with time, a small time model could be known worldwide. There are many good benefits to both of these modelling options, the biggest will be the fact the models will need experience and that’s the most important part.

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